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A Visual Guide to Special Edition Book Printing 

At Imago, we love to create complex products… it’s what we do! And, special edition book printing is absolutely up there with some of the most challenging projects we take on for our customers. Each project is completely unique, often with many intricate details, actions, and parts that ultimately make special edition books what they are. A work of art.

Understanding Special Edition Book Production

We like to make sure everything is as simple and understandable as possible for all of our clients (ahem… and us), so breaking down the complex nature of special edition book printing was high on the agenda.

What The Infographic Covers

We wanted to cover as much as possible about this topic, so with this in mind, we’ve created an infographic that brings to life some of the complex parts, buzzwords, and techniques involved in special edition book printing.

Take a look at our infographic below for a quick, visual breakdown of the following topics:

  • ‘Also Known As’ – What other names are there for special edition books?
  • What inspires the print and production of these books?
  • How are these books usually presented?
  • ‘The Technical Details’ – What makes the production of a special edition unique?
  • What industries usually opt for limited edition books?
  • The production schedule – how long do they take to make? (Spoiler alert… this is really hard to answer, but we always have a trick up our sleeve to get around this!)
  • ‘Finishing’ – What embellishments can be added to make a deluxe edition book truly unique?
  • A few pictures for good measure and as visual prompts!

We hope you like it! 

Of course, there is a lot more to read and understand when it comes to this subject, which we’ve covered in detail on our dedicated special edition books page.

Special Edition Book Printing Infographic

special edition book printing infographic

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