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Helping Customers Navigate Product Safety

Product Safety compliance is a hugely important and high-profile issue for everyone in the supply chain and crucial for those legally responsible for placing the goods on the market.

Imago are here to help guide you through the complex legislation and processes involved with product safety. We are happy to either advise and highlight your obligations within the supply chain, or fully manage all or certain parts of the process on your behalf.

Does my Product Need Safety Testing?

Although most books do not require any safety testing, books with add-ons, for example, a children’s book with a plush toy, or a standalone product with play value, you can soon find you are facing significant safety testing requirements and costs.

The standards are frequently changing and updating making it hard to know what is really required and what is not, especially if you are selling in multiple countries. At Imago, we can offer advice on testing requirements, the standards you will need to meet, and where you can self-certify. We also offer testing facilities and work closely with safety labs.

We hold key data on our core suppliers and work very closely with our own safety consultant, who sits on many of the European Testing Committees and is up to date on the latest legal requirements. For complex projects that we are producing for you, we also offer a free risk assessment of your product to ensure due diligence.

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Risk Management

Managing the risk is often easier said than done: the legislation is complex and ever-changing. The interpretation and quality of advice can vary from one lab to another, and safety standards differ according to the territory.

Publishers often struggle to steer their way through the requirements to protect their own business interests without compromising the product’s safety.

We can now offer a unique consultation service on an ad hoc or regular retainer basis through one of our two independent and impartial experts. This service can help your business in the following areas:

  • Risk assessment surgeries to evaluate forthcoming products
  • Advice and briefings on European standards and legislation
  • Assistance with in house procedures, safety manuals and practising due diligence
  • Retainer style helpline to help answer queries as they arise

Understanding Toy Safety Course

Imago often runs this in-depth toy safety course aimed at production and other publishing staff who are responsible for product safety.

To learn more about this course and to register your interest for the next available date, please visit our dedicated toy safety course page.


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