How do I supply print-ready files?

To ensure your print-ready files are supplied correctly, please follow the general instructions as detailed in the following documents. We are on hand to help at any stage, so please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your requirements:

Imago’s General Technical Specifications for supplying files for print
Detailed Instructions for producing InDesign files for printed books

For software specific, detailed instructions please select from the list below according to which layout software you are using:

PDF instructions using InDesign CC2017
PDF instructions using CC2014
PDF instructions using Quark 7.5

What colour profiles do you recommend?

We recommend that your print-ready files use a Fogra 39 profile as your CMYK working space and when converting from RGB to CMYK or for digital proofing, for work that is to be printed 4 colour on matt, coated or glossy papers.

For uncoated white papers Fogra 52 would give you a better result. Though with the range of shades and surfaces available for uncoated papers it is not always clear which profile would suit your paper best.

If the colour is critical, we recommend that colour conversions are handled by the repro house based on test proofing on the specific paper.

Instructions for using Fogra and for the appropriate colour settings to use in your Adobe software are in the document below:

Instructions for colour settings using Fogra

How do I send my print-ready files to you?

FTP is ideal for supplying the odd missing file, late running cover or for urgent corrections. Full projects are always best sent by CD as download times can be very lengthy the other end. Please check with us if you are unsure.

What do I need in order to use FTP?

  • Connection to the internet, preferably broadband.
  • Some FTP software, such as “Fetch” for Mac users and “Cute FTP” for PC – both are available as internet downloads or you can use later versions of Internet Explorer or other web browsers.
  • A compression program, to make the files smaller and speed up transmission time, such as “Stuffit” for Mac users and “Winzip” for Windows users.
  • A username and password – ask your Imago contact to allocate this for you. Please note that the password is case sensitive.

Imago’s ftp server (or host server) can be accessed at:

Once you are connected you will be directed to an area dedicated to you. Imago takes no responsibility for the files placed on the site and all files are deleted automatically 30 days after the initial upload so the site shouldn’t be used for permanent or long term storage.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Create a separate folder for each job or title. To do this click on the file menu and select new folder, then name the folder with the Imago job reference.
  • If you have multiple or large files to upload, compress your files before uploading.
  • Notify us of any files uploaded and their location.