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What are Diaries, Journals, and Planners?

Diaries, journals, and planners are not just stationery items; they are tools that make your life easier. Each category serves a distinct purpose:

  • Planners are essential for scheduling and organising future events, tasks, and goals.
  • Diaries typically focus on daily reflections and events, acting as personal logs or narrative spaces.
  • Journals offer creative freedom for sketching, note-taking, or specialised tracking.

There are some subtle differences between them, however, in most cases, from a printing and production perspective, these products can often be manufactured in a fairly similar way by suppliers who specialise in their production.

The journey begins with your vision. Our team collaborates closely with you to understand your concept, incorporating design elements and specifications that reflect your brand or personal style. When you partner with Imago Group, you have the freedom to design every aspect of your project: accommodating unique finishes, multilingual editions, or sustainable paper preferences such as FSC™-certified materials. We’re always happy to hear more about your project so get in touch with us to get started!

We offer a product development consultation and free quotation service.

Unique Features of Diaries, Journals & Planners

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Specialist Printing & Finishing

Imago Group specialises in custom printing and finishing for notebooks, diaries, and planners tailored to your exact needs. Whether your product requires elements such as elastic closures, pen loops or tab-cut pages, or other unique features like foiling, UV varnishing or a specific paper or board type, we're here to make that happen! This means that no two products are the same and your design will come to life exactly how you envisioned.

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Long Print Runs

By choosing Imago, we can produce your product in high volumes to keep your cost per unit down —a critical advantage for businesses targeting large-scale markets with diaries, planners, or journals. We collaborate closely with you to determine the optimal quantity and cost based on your specific project requirements, ensuring cost-effective solutions without compromising quality or precision.



Imago are FSC™ certified, which means that we can ensure that your diary, planner or journal can be produced with FSC™ chain of custody, giving you peace of mind of an ethical and environmentally conscious production. We can use our FSC™ logo on the product, or if your business is FSC™ certified, we can of course use yours instead. Partner with Imago Group for environmentally friendly solutions that align with your values and enhance your brand's sustainability credentials.

Case Study

Towards Faith | Planner Printing & Gift Set Production

We worked with Towards Faith (previously known as Ramadan Legacy) to produce a range of luxury Ramadan planners and journals, plus a box set complete with a pen as the flagship product of their Ramadan Legacy 2021 Collection.

What Types of Diaries, Journals, and Planners can we Print?

At Imago, we’ve printed and produced thousands of different diaries, journals and planners for distribution across the globe. These have included products that are lay-flat, hardback, paperback, flexibound, or even wire-o bound (also known as simply ‘wiro’). These products can have pockets, pouches, elastic enclosures, additional stickers, and tab-cut pages to truly make your product unique.

This expertise also extends to wedding planners and baby books, making sure the quality of these is high enough to make the perfect gift. They can have gilt edging, foiling on the covers, or have bespoke materials to make them really stand out.

We can advise on the right accessories to go with them too, be it in gift set or boxed set with a pen or notecards.

Imago are always up for a challenge, and our expertise in transforming any professionally designed artwork into a beautifully printed final product is why we’re a fantastic choice for printing your diary, journal or planner project.

Diary, Journal and Planner Printing Options & Customisations

Diary, journal and planner covers can also utilise some of the latest print and production technology including sustainable vegan leathers or the use of real cloth or PU to further enhance your design.

Our printers can also offer many different colours of wire for your wire-o (wiro) planners to enhance your design. We have seen various pitfalls in using different binding methods and can advise on the best one to use for your project.

We can also incorporate pen loops and sticky notes, receipt pockets, shopping lists, and meal planners to make sure your journal or diary is the most effective on the market.

Diaries, Journal and Planner Printing – The Technical Details

Product Testing

Elastic Enclosures

We work with many professional printers and suppliers who we collaborate with to test various ways of making elastic enclosures strong enough to last at least a year of heavy use.

Lay-Flat Diaries and Journals

We have tried and tested various ways to ensure your diaries and journals lay as flat as possible, to make sure that they can be easily written on.


We have tested various different types of pockets, be it a concertina gusset or cloth edges to make them stronger.

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Rounded Corners

We have also looked at the best way to do rounded corners, or to use the brass corner protectors, to ensure the longevity of any planner that is in and out of a bag or briefcase on a daily basis.

Appropriate Papers

We have tested the opacity of various papers to ensure that your journal works well even with fountain pen ink.

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Imago would be delighted to work with you on your next print project. Get in touch with the team to discuss your ideas, no matter how out of the box they might seem!

Why choose Imago for Planner Printing?

We have taken our vast experience of printing books and incorporated that into our expertise in printing many exquisite and unique diaries, journals, and planners.

Be it Wellbeing Journals, Mindfulness Planners, Academic 17-month Diaries, or Motivational Organisers, we have produced many different types and know the best practices to ensure a great end product.

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