Bible Printing

Over our 40-plus-year history, Imago have accumulated priceless, detailed knowledge and expertise in the field of bible printing and the production of other religious books.

We have produced hundreds of thousands, if not millions of beautiful bibles and religious books for our customers since our opening in 1980.

Characterised by their use of ultra-light thin papers and exquisite bindings and finishings, producing bibles and religious publications is a highly specialised area, and only a few printing houses have the technical expertise and craftsmanship required to deliver a premium product.

Bible Paper

Bible papers need to combine lightness with opacity for minimal see-through. The papers are uncoated and are available in various grammages spanning from 22gsm through to 55gsm.  They are generally only suitable for monochrome printing although the use of a second, spot colour is also successful and not uncommon.

The papers are available in various shades from bright white to neutral white, off-white to ivory. Specialist machinery is required to print, fold, gather and bind Bible paper and Imago works with suppliers across the globe who have access to these machines.

Imago works with the leading bible suppliers in China and Europe, these are predominantly Christian organisations working in tandem with Christian foundations and societies.

We also offer production of the Quran from our Turkish supply base.

Specialist Bible Finishing & Materials

Steeped in tradition, religious publications often require specialist finishing techniques and materials. Our suppliers have a wealth of experience sourcing genuine leathers and quality imitation leathers (PUs) that are suitable for flexibinding.

Traditional, craft binding processes to enhance your publication such as edge sewing, thumb indexing, gilt edging, raised bands, ribbon markers, and zipper closures are also available.

We also offer a full range of decorative finishings such as foil blocking, embossing, and debossing.

Flexibound Bibles

Flexibinding finds its roots in Bible production, and most religious publications still have flexibound covers.

Traditional Bible flexibinding uses a latex board instead of art board, which gives a truly flexible feel which will not crack at all as you bend it. This is of course, more expensive than using conventional board but for a truly high-end job, it is well worth considering.

Experienced Bible Printers

Imago have decades of experience producing Bibles and other religious publications.

We have a wealth of knowledge and access specialist suppliers in this area and would be delighted to work on your next project.

Start your project

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