What is Book Edging?

The traditional craft of book edging, also known as edge decoration, has been a long-established book finishing method.

The technique of book edging became popular in the 16th Century to beautify the look of books that now stood on their ends in libraries that started to index books using their spine.

book edging

Technical Process of Book Edging

Book edging involves applying a decorative finish to the edges of a book’s pages, which can involve both machinery and hand finishing to truly bring something special to your book project.

The process requires precision and expertise to achieve the desired results. Here’s how we manufacture book edging at Imago Group:

Before edging, the book block is prepared by securely clamping the pages together to ensure uniformity during the edging process.

The edges of the book block may be trimmed to create a smooth, even surface for edging.

Depending on the desired effect, various edging techniques are employed, including gilt edging, deckled edging, and printed edges using ink jet spray.

The selected edging technique is applied to the exposed edges of the book block, either manually or using specialized machinery.

Once the edging is applied, the book block may undergo additional finishing processes to enhance its durability and aesthetics.

Gilt Edging

Gilt-edged books give a timeless classic look to your book and never go out of fashion. However, it doesn’t have to end there.

Foils come in many colours – a metallic pink, a hot orange, or what about a holographic pattern? Eye-catching and usual the range of foils seems ever-growing.

book edging gold foiling edges
book edging pile of books

Books with Printed Edges

Printing on the edge of the book is a technique not for the faint-hearted but with the right equipment, it can be achieved.

Traditionally text or full colour images have been applied to book block edges using screen printing and the effect always delivers the wow factor!

However, recently we have been exploring using inkjet print to achieve amazing results at a much cheaper price. Using specially modified machines, the effects are stunning and it’s much easier on the pocket.

Deckled Book Edging

Deckle edges were originally an unavoidable part of the book production process, however, today with machine-made papers the effect has to be applied during the production process.

Deckled edges always add an aged feel to a book and we have seen them come back into popularity as the vintage trend increases in popularity. Also used on books to give the effect of an aged manual passed down through history!

book edging deckled edges

At Imago Group, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of book edging and delivering unparalleled quality and innovation to our clients.

Contact us today to learn more about our book edging services and discover how we can elevate your next project.

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