Quality Children’s Book Printing & Production

Imago are global leaders in children’s book printing and production services, working directly with children’s publishers large and small, to bring their picture books and children’s novelties to market.

Our network of global suppliers allows us to give our customers access to the widest range of capabilities and possibilities in children’s book production, whilst offering competitive price-points, great service, and an end product of unrivaled quality.

We Understand Children’s Books

We understand the precious nature of each story, each illustration, and the care and attention required during the production process to do them justice.

With this in mind, we love to get involved at an early stage to find out about your project and help you arrive at the best, most engaging solutions.

We are happy to provide multiple quotations to explore different formats, finishes, and materials to ensure your requirements are met.

Why Choose Imago for Your Children’s Book Publication?

Imago have over 40 years of experience manufacturing children’s books in collaboration with many of the world’s leading children’s publishers. Our close ties with suppliers who are able to produce complex projects often involving multiple, specialist processes or handwork.    

Over the years we are proud to have printed some of the best-loved, most successful children’s picture books and novelties from some truly iconic authors and illustrators.

We don’t fit round pegs into square holes, we use our expertise to find reputable suppliers with the right technical capabilities and experience.

Our Experience & Expertise

Children’s books come in many shapes and guises: picture books, board books, books with sounds, books with flaps, books that pop, bath books, cloth books, books with feels, books with smells, and books that glow in the dark.

Working with Imago enables you to let your imagination run wild whilst we look after everything else.

Children’s books and character publishing can often involve sourced elements and enhancements.

We have a dedicated sourcing team based in China who can source complementary products such as plush, bags, crayons and craft items.

Buying everything from a single source helps you avoid complex co-ordination between suppliers and the headaches of importing and transportation.

Some of our publishing clients have their own safety processes in place but, if required, we are more than happy to help you ensure your product is safe for its intended audience and complies with the relevant legislation.

We have our own safety consultant on hand and our teams are trained regularly on issues surrounding product safety and can step in to help assess and mitigate risk in this very complex area.  We are also able to arrange testing on your behalf, if required, via accredited laboratories.   

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure they understand the quality requirements of your project and we run our own risk assessments to help pre-empt any problems.

We ensure there are ample checking and approval stages during production, to make sure everything is correct and goes to plan. We also have our own qualified QC inspectors at our disposal for inline or pre-shipment checks and encourage our suppliers to be ISO 9001 (Quality Management) accredited. 

Compliance and Safety

Compliance and safety is a complex area when it comes to children’s book and novelty publishing, especially if your book or toy has play value and is intended for children under 3 years of age.

By choosing Imago for your children’s book production, you can access our considerable professional expertise in this area and we can help you ensure your product is in compliance with the applicable legislation for the countries you are selling in. We can manage the safety assessment and product testing on your behalf if required.

As a separate service, we can also offer safety consultation if you have an ongoing requirement and run fantastic training courses for publishers, businesses, and individuals looking to stay in the know about the latest safety standards in children’s book publishing. Visit our training courses page to see our latest courses and how to enrol.

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At Imago, we’re dedicated to ensuring your book printing project is handled with care and attention from start to finish.

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Global Print Network

We have access to global suppliers and manufacturing capabilities, whilst giving you the confidence that comes with dealing with a single source.

Responsible Children’s Book Printing and Production

For the best possible finished product, children’s book printing and production often involve a vast amount of collaboration with global suppliers. With this in mind, Imago has developed a suite of robust and ever-evolving ethical policies to ensure that we have an ongoing responsibility to both the environment whilst ensuring ethical work practices are adhered to throughout the supply chain.

Our Ethical Commitments

We are proud to offer you children’s book printing services and products with the option of assured FSC® Complete Chain of Custody and the use of our FSC® logo, or your own if preferred. Imago became FSC® certified in 2008 and the majority of our suppliers are also certified.

Applying due diligence checks to ensuring our products meet the requirements of the Lacey Act, EU and UK Timber Regulations

Imago actively researches environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic packaging, lamination and shrink-wrap

We actively encourage our suppliers to invest in new technology such as HUV printing and thermal plate setting, technologies that have been developed to have a lower carbon footprint.

Imago is able to offer access to suppliers who have achieved ISO standard ISO 14001 (Environmental Management).

Achieving the standard demonstrates our suppliers’ commitment to understanding and reducing their environmental impact and to improving their performance in the areas of forest sourcing and environmental protection.

We offer a product development consultation and free quotation service.

Global Suppliers & In-House Teams

Our dedicated, knowledgeable in-house production teams work with an extensive network of trusted and accredited global suppliers to give you access to the best children’s book printing, binding and finishing facilities.

Our sophisticated systems, processes, experience and creative flair means that we can offer the most comprehensive, bespoke children’s book printing and binding services anywhere in the industry.

Office Locations

For improved efficiency, quality, and communication both with clients and suppliers, we operate fully staffed offices in the United Kingdom, China and South East Asia, Germany, France, Australia, Brazil, and the USA, all of whom speak the native language. Our specialists in printing children’s books are located across the globe to ensure your project is handled with the utmost care and attention with transparent progress updates throughout. 

At Imago we firmly believe in the power of collaboration and having people ‘on the ground’ as close to the production of your book as possible. We never leave your project unattended and often have direct in-person Imago personnel on-site at the production facility, or at the very least constant contact with those involved from quotation to production and final delivery.   

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