We turn your print projects into stunning pieces that stand out. The right material and finish can make all the difference, adding a touch of sophistication and durability. Explore our areas of expertise to see how we can bring your ideas to life.

book edging close up
Book Edging

Add a touch of elegance with book edging. Choose from coloured edges, marbling, or metallic finishes to give your books a unique and premium look. Customise the edging to match your cover design or brand for a truly standout product.

PU Covering
PU Covering

Polyurethane (PU) covering offers a luxurious feel and look for book covers and journals. It’s affordable, durable, and available in many colors and textures. PU covering gives your products a high-end appearance while protecting them for the long term.

Embossing/ Debossing

Embossing and debossing add texture to your designs. By raising or recessing elements like logos or titles, these techniques create depth and make your prints more engaging. Perfect for book covers, stationery, and packaging, embossing and debossing add a special touch.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting allows for intricate and precise designs. Whether it’s custom shapes, patterns, or text cutouts, this technique offers endless possibilities. Ideal for invitations, business cards, and special edition books, laser cutting ensures your products are unique and eye-catching.

Lamination and varnishing

Lamination and varnishing protect and enhance your prints. Choose from gloss, matte, or soft-touch finishes for lamination, or opt for glossy, matte, or UV coatings with varnishing. These techniques not only improve durability but also give your products a professional finish.

3d cold foiling
Foiling & Cold Foiling

Foiling adds a shiny, metallic finish to your prints, making them look luxurious and eye-catching. Whether using hot or cold foiling, you can choose from a range of colors and effects. Foiling is perfect for highlighting logos, titles, and decorative elements.

Global Print Network

We have access to global suppliers and manufacturing capabilities, whilst giving you the confidence that comes with dealing with a single source.

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Global Suppliers & In-House Teams

Not only do we have dedicated and knowledgeable in-house production teams across the globe, we also have access to an extensive network of global suppliers and value-added services including book printing facilities, finishing houses, and distribution and freight centres.

Our sophisticated systems, processes, extensive knowledge, and creative flair means that we can offer the most comprehensive, bespoke book printing and binding services anywhere in the industry.

We offer a product development consultation and free quotation service.

Office Locations

We have fully-staffed, operational offices with native language speakers in the United Kingdom, China, Germany, France, Australia, Brazil, and the USA. With Imago’s book printing specialists located across the globe, we can ensure your project is handled with the utmost care and attention in the most efficient way possible with direct access for our clients to receive transparent progress updates.

At Imago we firmly believe in the power of collaboration and having people ‘on the ground’ as close to the production of your book as possible. We never leave your project unattended, and we either have direct in-person Imago personnel on-site at the production facility or at the very least, constant contact with those involved from quotation to production and final delivery.

Responsible Printing and Production

For the best possible finished product, printing and production often involve a vast amount of collaboration with global suppliers. With this in mind, Imago has developed a suite of robust and ever-evolving ethical policies to ensure that we have an ongoing responsibility to both the environment whilst ensuring ethical work practices are adhered to throughout the supply chain.

Our Ethical Commitments

We are proud to offer you book printing services and products with the option of assured FSC® Complete Chain of Custody and the use of our FSC® logo, or your own if preferred. Imago became FSC® certified in 2008 and the majority of our suppliers are also certified.

Applying due diligence checks to ensuring our products meet the requirements of the Lacey Act, EU and UK Timber Regulations

Imago actively researches environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic packaging, lamination and shrink-wrap

We actively encourage our suppliers to invest in new technology such as HUV printing and thermal plate setting, technologies that have been developed to have a lower carbon footprint.

Imago is able to offer access to suppliers who have achieved ISO standard ISO 14001 (Environmental Management).

Achieving the standard demonstrates our suppliers’ commitment to understanding and reducing their environmental impact and to improving their performance in the areas of forest sourcing and environmental protection.

What sets Imago Group apart?

Imago Group sets itself apart through a dedicated commitment to understanding our clients’ visions. We pride ourselves on providing personalised service, collaborating closely with each client to ensure flawless execution of every aspect of your non-publishing project. From initial concept development and design to meticulous printing and finishing, we prioritise attention to detail and quality.

With over four decades of experience and expert production teams, Imago Group is equipped with bespoke print management software that gives us a strategic advantage in planning and executing your projects efficiently. We excel in responding swiftly to urgent book printing needs, including reprints following high demand for specific titles. Our tailored print management software provides real-time, detailed production updates and delivery schedules, ensuring transparency and reliability throughout the process.

Moreover, our strong partnerships with global suppliers enable us to offer comprehensive storage options and distribution services, guaranteeing safe delivery to publisher warehouses, distribution centers, or direct-to-book retailers. Imago Group is your trusted partner for non-publishing projects, offering expertise, efficiency, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results every time.

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