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Cloth Baby Books

Your guide to creating high-quality Cloth Books 

Cloth Books combine soft textures, engaging features, durable materials, and provide a unique and enriching experience for babies as well as toddlers. Making cloth books can be challenging! With our experience we are here to lend a helping hand, enabling you to create high-quality cloth books that stand out in the market.

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Cloth Books

Material Selection:

One of the primary challenges in cloth book production is selecting the right material for your book. Whether Peach Skin, T/C cloth (a blend of polyester and cotton) or 100% cotton, each material has its unique properties that must align with the book’s intended features and illustration requirements.

Printing Techniques:

There are various ways to print cloth books, for example dye sublimation, digital printing, silk screen printing.

The style of illustration and the intended quantity will usually determine which technique is best used and impact the price.

Finally, a decision must be made if your cloth book should be bound in book style, with a spine and pages, or if your concept/design might work better as a concertina style which can show a wider range of images at the same time or a long continuous illustration.

Cloth Book


Foam filling adds shape and volume to the cloth book pages. Different levels of foam thickness provide varying depth and rigidity. Another option is polyester fibre filling which offers a pillow-like finish with more softness. No matter which kind of filling is chosen, it must be evenly distributed and securely enclosed.

Book Design

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The printing technique chosen depends on the design of your cloth book. For finer illustrations, a finer material is necessary. However, it is more common to use high-contrast and block colours in cloth books, as babies at this young age are more responsive to these types of designs. 

Embellishments and Interactive Elements 

Embellishments and interactive elements make cloth books exciting but also add complexity to the production process. 


Embroidered designs add texture and can make a real design feature! They do require high precision to maintain quality.

Crinkle Flaps:

Crinkle foil inserts offer fun sound effects for babies and toddlers but must be securely enclosed for safety.

Mirrors, Pockets, and Separate Plush Toys:

Mirrors, pockets, and separate plush toys add interactive and engaging elements to cloth books. Mirrors need to be made from baby-safe materials, pockets should be securely stitched, and separate plush toys should adhere to safety standards to prevent choking hazards.

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Packaging Considerations 

Effective packaging not only protects the product but also enhances its appeal on the shelf. Sustainable packaging solutions, such as recyclable PET lids and plastic-free options, are increasingly important to consumers.

Structural Design and Assembly 

Designing and assembling cloth baby books involves ensuring that the structure is both functional and appealing. 

Books with Handles and Closures:

Incorporating handles and Velcro closures enhances portability and usability but necessitates robust construction to ensure longevity.

Why choose Imago for Cloth Books?

At Imago Group, we pride ourselves on our expertise in navigating these complexities to deliver top-tier cloth books. Here’s why we’re your ideal partner: 

We carefully select materials that meet the highest standards of safety, durability, and sensory appeal. 

Our advanced printing techniques and skilled embroidery ensure vibrant, detailed, and long-lasting designs. 

From interactive elements to structural innovations, our design team excels in creating engaging and functional books.

We offer eco-friendly packaging solutions that align with modern consumer values.

Creating products for babies and toddlers involves rigorous safety testing. Imago Group’s team will guide you through Product Safety effortlessly. You can also join our Toy Safety courses for staff responsible for product safety.

Producing cloth books is a multifaceted process that requires a blend of creativity, precision, and technical expertise. At Imago Group, we understand these challenges and are dedicated to helping you overcome them to create outstanding products. 

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Cloth Books

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