Producing a Luxury Ramadan Gift Set & Planner

Imago were approached by Towards Faith to create a high-end presentation, luxury Ramadan planner box set complete with a pen as the flagship product of their Ramadan Legacy 2021 Collection.

Something completely unique to this project was an unprinted rose gold inner tray and a hinged lid.

The design on the top of the lid frames the message and our client’s brief was that the design would bring a sense of awe and wonder with a nod to Islamic geometric design.

A Collaborative Project

Due to the complex nature of the project, the team at Imago collaborated with Ramadan Legacy’s designer throughout to ensure a faultless end product for their online store.

Repeat Orders & Positive Reviews

We put together a cost based on 2,000 units of the luxury gift planner set, with a view to ordering more based upon the uptake of the final piece, with the potential for design tweaks in the future before the customer re-orders.

The good news is that items have been met with many positive reviews and sold out due to a huge demand in the run-up to Ramadan 2021.

Words From the Client

“Using Imago has transformed how we do business. Prior to Imago we would contact printing companies independently, go through rounds of inefficient conversations which was the biggest pain point we faced. Pricing discussions and understanding terminology and coordinating with printing companies overseas was just the biggest headache we faced.

When we started to use Imago that all changed. They managed every aspect of the entire printing process with professionalism. Sourcing the right printing companies, sending multiple samples, verifying every physical detail of the product we ordered, going the extra mile to get better prices for us and arranging all of the logistics.

With Imago we saved at least 3-6 months of coordination time and I wouldn’t ever go back to ordering from printing companies directly! First class service and amazing support!”

Project Overview

Imago were tasked with creating a luxury gift planner set for storing a Ramadan planner and mementos to meet a target cost per unit, with delivery in time for Ramadan 2021.

To ensure the best possible finish for the client, Imago supplied wet scatter proofs so that they could experiment with different colour options and finishes on actual printing stock.

The construction and printing of the project was undertaken at one of our preferred factories in Shenzhen, China. From start to finish, the entire project took 3 months from files supplied to us from their designer to final delivery here in the UK.

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