We’re Sponsoring the 2021 British Book Design & Production Awards!

We are delighted to announce that Imago are sponsoring the BPIF 2021 British Book Design and Production Awards, the premier recognition event for British book design and production.

The British Book Design & Production Awards is a popular and prestigious literary awards event that showcases the innovation and quality of the British book design and production industry. Being global leaders in book production and manufacturing, Imago has decided to sponsor the awards to continue to support this wonderful, creative industry.

The Categories

  • Brand / Series Identity
  • Limited Edition & Fine Binding
  • Self-Published Books
  • Digitally Printed Books
  • Exhibition Catalogues
  • Photographic Books
  • Art & Architecture Monographs
  • Graphic Novels
  • Trade Illustrated
  • Lifestyle Illustrated
  • Literature
  • Educational Books
  • Scholarly, Academic & Reference Books
  • Children’s Trade
  • Best Jacket/Cover Design
  • Best Student Book
  • Best British Book
  • Book of the Year

Take a look at the British Book Design & Production Awards website for more detailed category information.

The Shortlisted Entries

Shortlisted entries will be updated on our blog once they are announced. Imago have managed the print, manufacture, and delivery of thousands of book productions over the years, many of which have been nominated for awards! Take a look at our gallery to see just a few of the projects we’ve been involved in.

We’re excited to see the entries for this year’s awards and we’re sure that Imago will have had a hand in producing some of them… so watch this space!

Previous Winners

In 2019, ‘North Northwest’ was the star of the night, winning in both the Best British Book category and Book of the Year! The judges commented that “Even amongst the highest of competition, this entry captivated us. There was not one element that did not fit in. The book was seamlessly put together as a whole with beautiful production and design, making it a truly worthy winner.”