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Imago Featured in Print Article | Facing The Pandemic

Imago have been featured in a recent Publishers Weekly article, the international news publication on everything book publishing and bookselling. The article featured commentary from Howard Musk, president and CEO of Imago Sales USA (Inc), regarding the current state of affairs in publishing and how the future is shaping up.

“Print Manufacturers in Hong Kong and China Face Pandemic Chaos Head-On”

The article in Publishers Weekly focuses not only on how tough the pandemic has been for everyone inside and outside of the publishing industry, but how for major players like Imago, there is optimism around the future of production in publishing.

“One positive thing that publishers and printers all around the world learned during the pandemic is that print books are here to stay.” Howard Musk

According to the article, unit sales of print books in the U.S. grew 29% in the first quarter of 2021, compared to the same period the year before. And in the UK, 202 million print books were sold in 2020, up 5.2% from the year before.

Imago Print Advert in Publishers Weekly

imago advert in publishers weekly

Projects Features in Publishers Weekly Article

Two recent Imago productions were included in the article, highlighting the quality and ability to produce and distribute stunning publications during the pandemic.

What Happened To You?

For this Oprah Winfrey/Bruce D. Perry bestseller, the Imago team worked alongside book packager Melcher Media and publisher Pan Macmillan. The cased edition was bound using an untextured imitation cloth and wrapped with a four-color jacket with embossing and lamination to the underside to add strength. The content pages were printed in two colors on uncoated paper. Both editions were produced with a full FSC™ chain of custody and that printing was done in Asia and Europe simultaneously to meet global distribution schedules.

Read the full What Happened to You write-up

what happened to you oprah winfrey book

Accidently Wes Andersen

The Imago team collaborated with Hachette Book Group USA on this 368-page case-bound book featuring filmmaker Wes Anderson’s visual adventures. Reproducing the stunning photography with such vivid color palettes was challenging with CMYK inks and printing on uncoated paper added to this, both of which were overcome. This book went on to win the Books category in the 50 Books/50 Covers 2020 competition organized by the American Institute of Graphic Arts.

accidently wes andersen book

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