MinaLima Classics

MinaLima Classics Series Win Coveted Prize

This stunning collection of children’s classics has won the Premio Andersen prize for best Editorial Project 2020. The classic tales are reimagined by MinaLima, the award-winning design studio behind the graphics of the Harry Potter franchise.  The results are really breathtaking, each tale is beautifully illustrated and contains exclusive interactive elements and inserts.

About the Books

The books are casebound with imitation cloth covers, illustrated with silhouette motifs, and finished with debossing and foil blocking. Inside the adventures come to life with a series of intriguing and intricate elements and ephemera; maps that fold out, sliding wheels and disks, laser pop-ups, and more. Each element is affixed within the book or works as a loose insert.
Titles in the series include Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, Pinocchio – to name but a few, there are 12 in total. The books have been very successful in co-edition and we are currently producing Italian and German language editions alongside the US editions.  We also produce them as slipcase sets – all in all, the stuff of fairytales!


With so many separate processes, materials, and the need to hand assemble and affix the interactive elements, this series is a natural fit for China production.  To protect the pages facing the interactive elements from indentation, we have interleaved the books as appropriate. We’ve also added reinforcement to the binding so that these keepsakes will withstand the love and attention of generations to come.