Happy Halloween Reading from Imago Group!

Halloween is the season of eerie enchantment and thrilling tales, and what better way to embrace the spirit of the season than by diving into a collection of captivating books that promise to send shivers down your spine. Let’s peek behind the curtain and discover some of the production secrets, from the past and present, that are woven into these Halloween-themed books. 

Le Livre de la Mort et de l’Au-Delà (The Book of Death and the Afterlife) – Dunod

Kicking off our Halloween spine tinglers is a book that delves into the mysteries of the afterlife.  The cover is a macabre masterpiece, a rich and detailed mix of red and gold foiling, and debossing over a black buckram case that beckons the reader to step inside.  Open it up, and you’ll find the striking images printed onto uncoated woodfree paper adds to the whole experience. 

Livre de La Mort
Halloween themed Scratch Book

“Mein Grusel Kritzkratz-Buch” (My Spooky Scratch-Book) – Ars Kreativ 

“Mein Grusel Kritzkratz-Buch” promises a delightfully scary experience. This interactive scratch art book adds a unique twist to the Halloween season. Use the FSC™ wooden tool to scratch away the black ink and draw spooky surprises on every page.  A chunky wire-o binding makes this the perfect choice for young artists to get into the spirit of Halloween. 

Eager to learn more about the scratch-book activities? Dive deeper into our case study for all the details.

Night Terror – Fantagraphics

If you thought scary books were all about the words, “Night Terror” will change your mind. This book of creepy pen and ink drawings by cult illustrator John Ken Mortensen is a visual masterpiece. The book is casebound with deliciously soft touch lamination and splashes of spot uv embellishments to the cover. Precise printing brings out all the intricate details, adding depth and texture to Mortensen’s nightmarish scenes.

Night Terror
Stephen King at the movies by Ian Nathan

Stephen King at the Movies – Palazzo  

A Halloween-themed books list would be lacking without a mention of the master of horror, Stephen King.

This book explores the iconic film and television adaptations of King’s works with over 200 full colour illustrations.  Matt lamination and spot uv varnish enhance the case cover and matching red/black head and tail bands complete the look. The book is designed to make those eerie King moments come alive visually, and the layout and visuals really make it pop. 

The Pumpkin Gospel – CFM Religion Publishing Group

“The Pumpkin Gospel” adds a heartwarming element to our Halloween-themed books collection with a touching story that resonates with themes of hope, faith, and transformation offering a different perspective on Halloween. This board book has been punched into a pumpkin shape and inside glow in the dark pages capture the wonder of the season.  

Pumpkin Gospel
Harry Potter Piano Anthology

The Harry Potter Piano Anthology” – Faber Music UK 

No Halloween-themed books collection is complete without a touch of magic from the wizarding world. “The Harry Potter Piano Anthology” invites you to explore the soundtracks of J.K. Rowling’s creations. The foiling on the cover is a spectacular embellishment and uses the latest digital spot varnish and foiling technology to achieve the finest detail with a 3d effect.  Spellbinding!

Dancing Skeletons – Tunnel Vision Books 

“Dancing Skeletons” is a captivating tunnel book based around José Guadalupe Posada’s famous skeleton etchings, so closely identified with the Mexican Day of the Dead. This expanding accordion is a feat of paper engineering and brings Posada’s playful etchings to life in 3D. Tunnel books are built around the concept of a theatrical stage set and are books to be experienced rather than read. First made popular in the 18th century, the user looks through an aperture on the front cover to discover a world of illusion and depth.

Skeletons tunnelbook
Detective bizarre with red filter

Détective du bizarre: Billy Brouillard et la chasse aux fantômes – Groupe Delcourt 

In “Détective du bizarre: Billy Brouillard et la chasse aux fantômes” by Guillaume Bianco, readers join the enigmatic Billy Brouillard on ghost-hunting adventures. This captivating story revolves around Billy, a supernatural detective, as he navigates a world of peculiar and spectral occurrences. With the help of an ingenious red-filter magnifying glass, the plot unfolds, revealing hidden mysteries and adding an extra layer of intrigue to the journey.

Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods – Workman 

“Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods” is a collection of 20 chilling tales, introducing a different kind of terror, one that dwells in the wilderness. This Halloween-themed book features glow in the dark ink on the cover and contents pages – those brave enough to turn out the lights will be in for a special fright.  

Fearsome creatures glowing in the dark
papertoy monsters

Papertoy Monsters – Workman  

For a hands-on Halloween experience, “Papertoy Monsters” provides the perfect solution. This book offers pre-scored and perforated paper crafting templates for 50 of the most weird and wonderful monsters you ever did see. The pages are designed to withstand the folding, cutting, and gluing involved in creating these fantastical creatures.  

Happy Halloween from Imago Group

Imago Group takes the lead in producing these Halloween-themed books for a variety of clients and publishers, offering a wide range of experiences, from spooky mysteries to creative adventures. Whether you’re into ghost stories, afterlife enigmas, or crafting paper monsters, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during Halloween.  Imago Group’s expertise, combined with the authors’ creativity, brings the art of bookmaking to life.

So, light a few candles, brew your favourite potion (or tea), and embark on a literary journey into the realms of the unknown. Happy Halloween reading! 

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