Manufacturing Jigsaw Puzzles

June 2020 – Jigsaw puzzles have seen a huge surge in demand as people hunker down and look at ways to occupy their time during lockdown.  Puzzles are a wholesome distraction, they are screen-free, great to do on your own or with the family – the perfect downtime pursuit.

Jigsaw manufacturers, many of whom publish their own brand puzzles, have been inundated and capacity is hard to find just now.    We still have some options for you both in China and Europe and can take on orders at this time.

We’ve been producing puzzles for over 10 years and can advise on standard formats and materials in each location so that you can take advantage of existing dies.  We can also produce custom made puzzles, but the need for a tailor made die adds a little to the cost and you may find you need to produce more copies to get the unit costs to work.

We can manufacture a huge variety of different standard sizes ranging from 4 up to 4000 jigsaw pieces

JIgsaw Puzzles

Interested in our help with your next jigsaw?  Here’s what we need from you

  • The size of the jigsaw and number of pieces required – we can offer standard sizes with a standard number of jigsaw pieces if required, 500 or 1000 pieces are the most popular
  • Do you want the jigsaw pieces to be regular jigsaw shape, or your own bespoke design?
  • The specification of the jigsaw board and the finish required – special custom effects can be created, such as a linen textured varnish.  Do you want the base of the board to be printed, use virgin grey board or coloured board?
Box thumbcuts

The Production Process

Although it is not essential, as part of our normal process we would always produce a verification sample prior to final production to ensure the pieces all fit together perfectly! This is especially useful if you are producing a jigsaw with irregular shaped pieces as the fit becomes even more important. Our production offices are very experienced in overseeing the process and will make sure everything runs smoothly.

Packaging for Jigsaws

When it comes to making boxes for your puzzle, if you have the budget, the options are endless!   From a regular two piece box, to a book-shaped box or even a round hatbox style, there are so many options to consider.   We’d recommend having thumb-cuts on the lid for easy access.  As standard we insert the jigsaw pieces into a polybag prior to packing, we don’t want any missing pieces!

Children's Puzzles
floor puzzle

Jigsaw Books

A variation on the theme – jigsaw books!  Board books which incorporate several puzzles are really popular as an activity book for younger children. Finger holes can help little fingers access the pieces are are advisable although in this jigsaw book, which ultimately produces a large floor puzzle, the pieces are simply pushed out from the back of the page and placed on the floor.

Safety requirements

Jigsaws for children must comply with the EU Toy Safety Regulations and we have much experience in this area too.

Lead times

These can vary dependent on the complexity of the jigsaw puzzle you want to produce but as a ball-park 3-4 months is typical including development and sampling.

We have heaps of experience in jigsaw puzzle production – please get in touch to discuss your next project!