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How Imago Created ‘The New Chapter Tarot’ | Special Edition Tarot Cards Box Set

‘The New Chapter Tarot’ Standard & Special Edition Tarot Cards

Imago are specialists in producing tarot cards of all types and styles. We have years of experience in producing everything from card sets for mass production to projects entirely more complex, unique and luxurious with added elements such as special edition tarot cards.

For this very reason, Imago was approached by mind, body, and spirit publisher Liminal 11 to produce both their standard and special edition tarot card sets called ‘The New Chapter Tarot’. The design and production of the special edition tarot cards and accompanying materials are some of the most carefully crafted tarot products ever produced.

The Rise in Popularity of Tarot Cards

Over the past ten years, tarot cards have enjoyed an incredible rise in popularity, and we at Imago have noticed exponential growth in tarot card printing and production since the pandemic took hold in 2020, with peak interest in January 2021.

As popularity has increased, there have been numerous stunning tarot decks designed and produced with unique finishing and accessories added to create special edition tarot cards box sets.

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From the Client

The New Chapter Tarot was produced in celebration of a personal journey, a moment at the crossroads that many of us face. We embellished this idea to one that focuses on the traditional tropes of hero storytelling, this framework has built many great titles, so why not create that journey experience where the Tarot Reader is the protagonist meeting these key stages in each chapter from the Hero’s Journey to the Final Battle.

Rebecca Bell, Marketing Manager and Publishing Assistant – Liminal 11

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special edition tarot cards hinged box closed liminal 11
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Project Specifications

Complex Assembly

Each and every part of the special edition tarot card box set was thoroughly thought about by Liminal’s designers, and then rigorously tested by Imago to ensure all of the elements fit together perfectly and that the product would stand up to the tests of time and inevitable heavy product use.

The Platform

To create the lower section of the suitcase-style box for the special edition tarot cards and other paraphernalia, a platform was created as an inside base.

This was formed of two separate compartments, one designed to hold the box containing the tarot cards and the other to hold the various other components including stickers, postcards, and even a tarot-themed cotton scarf!

The platform was then printed, die-cut, and inserted alongside an e-flute filler below for added strength and to prevent tearing.

The Suitcase

The lid of the suitcase-style box used to house the many elements of the special edition tarot card set was especially complex to create. The inside lid incorporates an entire stage as seen from the seats of a theatre, designed and created to symbolise the idea that the world is a stage for events to occur. Coincidently the theatre was also symbolic to the creator of ‘The New Chapter Tarot’, Kathryn Briggs as she came to a crossroads as to whether to pursue art or acting.

To create this effect, Imago printed and die-cut multiple individual elements including the curtains, throne, and four trees, which were then hand-glued into place within the suitcase lid according to the correct position requirements.

Project Overview

Imago are experts in bringing together multiple elements of a project to create an entire product, complete and packaged ready for market. These special edition tarot cards were created in close collaboration with Liminal 11, and the project involved working closely with Liminal’s art and development team to create this unique product.

Both the mailing carton and box the special edition tarot cards are housed in were designed and then produced to have the look and feel of an old-fashioned suitcase. The design and construction were produced in this way to reflect the concept of a journey and leaving behind what’s not needed.

The collaborative team wanted to ensure the finish of each individual element was as natural yet as luxurious as possible, to give the sense that these are personal treasured possessions. These natural and realistic effects are reflected in the abundance of matt paper types used, the thickness and weight of the tarot cards, the rich pigments of colour throughout, plus the added foiled elements to give a luxurious tactile finish.

Client Testimonial

Without a doubt, Imago brought our creative dream to life and reminded us that it’s always worth asking the impossible as they always do their best to make it possible! So far, we haven’t had to compromise design due to limitations!

The New Chapter is a phenomenal example of what can be achieved, and we can’t wait for our customers to be surprised and enchanted by the product.

Rebecca Bell, Marketing Manager and Publishing Assistant – Liminal 11

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