Happy Holidays from Imago Group

Imago Group is officially declaring the Start of the Holiday Season

Get ready to unwrap pure magic because at Imago, we don’t just make Advent Calendars; we sprinkle them with joy, blend them with crafty skills, and wrap them in a bow of Christmas spirit! Our German team is at the North Pole of creativity, handcrafting a treasure trove of Advent calendars that says “Merry Christmas!”

Collaborating with creative artists and publishers, we’ve brewed up a merry collection of our past work that’ll make your holiday sparkle brighter than Rudolph’s nose!

Enchanting Christmas Market

Illustrator: Mo Büdinger | Publisher: Korsch Verlag

Get ready to create your very own mini Christmas wonderland at home! Mo Büdinger’s crafting Advent calendar doesn’t need glue, just your imagination. Each 5 x 4.5 x 7 cm piece holds surprises and fits perfectly with the numbered stickers guiding you through the Advent season. It’s a gift, it’s a decoration, it’s pure Christmas magic!

German Advent Calendar Enchanting Christmas Market Korsch Verlag
German Advent Calendar THE NUTCRACKER Korsch Verlag

The Nutcracker 

Designer: Petra Lefin | Publisher: Korsch Verlag

Step into the enchanting world of “The Nutcracker” ballet with Petra Lefin’s mesmerising calendar! Dance your way through the 30.5 x 29 cm stage into a delightful pop-up scene where Clara and her Prince shine. Behind 24 doors, witness scenes that bring the ballet to life, making your Christmas truly magical.

Magic Stars

Artist: Eugen Stross | Publisher: Korsch Verlag

Add a touch of elegance with Eugen Stross’s 29 x 60 cm masterpiece adorned with beautiful finishing. Behind 24 large doors, explore the captivating world of magic and fantasy. Let this calendar be your stylish wall ornament, enchanting your home throughout the Christmas season.

German Advent Calendar MAGIC STARS Korsch Verlag
German Advent Calendar POETRY Korsch Verlag

Poetry Advent Calendar

Designer: Petra Lefin | Publisher: Korsch Verlag

Prepare to be charmed by Petra Lefin’s poetic journey! Unveil 49 x 66 cm of pure nostalgia with 24 envelopes carrying winter and Christmas poems, beautifully illustrated with vibrant colors. This award-winning calendar is a treasure trove of poetic delight.

Porsche 911 Model Kit

Buckle up for the 1963 Porsche 911 Model Kit Advent Calendar. Unwrap 24 boxes filled with daily Porsche surprises! But that’s not all, to celebrate Christmas Eve, assemble your miniature Porsche on a plastic base with a sound module, bringing the engine to life.

Craft your diorama, explore Porsche’s history in a fascinating book, and easily assemble the 1:43 scale model. Get ready for a roaring, race-ready Christmas!

German Advent Calendar PORSCHE 911 Korsch Verlag
German PUZZLE Advent Calendar Korsch Verlag


Collaboration with Coppenrath

Rekindle the festive fun with a 1000-piece puzzle featuring a German Victorian-inspired Christmas village. Inside each of the 24 boxes, discover a few puzzle pieces, allowing you to gradually complete this enchanting scene day by day. Embrace the joy of the season as you piece together this delightful puzzle, celebrating the countdown to Christmas!

Groh Advent Calendars

Publisher: Groh collaborated with us to create daily delights with those advent calendars filled with stunning stickers! From Christmas food-themed to adorable illustrations, this calendar promises daily surprises that cater to everyone’s festive cravings.

German Advent Calendar Groh
Happy Holidays form Imago Group

‘Tis the season for festive cheer, and at Imago Group, we’re the elves making merry magic happen! As we wrap up this sleigh ride through our past Christmas wonders, we hope you’ve caught a glimpse of the sparkle and joy we bring to the holidays. Our Advent calendars aren’t just about counting down; they’re about creating memories, spreading smiles, and adding that extra dash of Christmas spirit to your homes.

And that’s not all, hold onto your sleigh bells because we’ve got a festive treat coming your way! Stay tuned on our socials, especially our Instagram page @ImagoPublishing, as we kick off December with our very own Advent calendar starring our Imago Elves. Starting December 1st, expect daily doses of Christmas magic and surprise visits from our spirited helpers, straight from our workshop to your screen!

So, put on your favorite jingles, and get ready for the most wonderful time of the year!  From all of us here at Imago Group, we wish you a season filled with laughter, warmth, and all the enchantment Christmas brings!

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