treepedia woodfree paper book with real cloth cover

Treepedia Hardback Book | ‘Pedia’ Collection

Imago were thrilled to work on Treepedia, a book that uses 100% recycled uncoated woodfree paper and is part of the ‘Pedia’ books collection released by Princeton University Press.

Treepedia is a pocket-sized reference woodfree paper book with a real cloth case and an elaborate foil stamped design with content that features almost 100 entries on topics including tree ecology, conservation, and the role trees can play in religion, literature, art, and film.

An Eco-Positive Impact

It was important for us to explore the options of paper types to use on this project. We were delighted to be able to opt for 100% recycled paper, which resulted in this book production having not only a stunning final finish but an eco-positive impact too.

The choice to opt for a 100% recycled woodfree paper book ensured the finished product conveyed the correct message not only in its content but also within its look, feel, and overall production.

What is Woodfree Paper?

The term Woodfree is a little misleading as all papers (except those made from synthetics) are essentially made from wood. Woodfree refers to the bleaching process involved in removing the yellow lignin from the wood pulp.

Woodfree papers are in common usage and are available in gloss, matt, or uncoated finish. They are generally whiter than their wood-containing counterparts which use ground wood or mechanical pulp where the lignin remains.

The Benefits of Using Woodfree Paper

The processes used in the creation of woodfree papers mean that the final Treepedia production is extra bright and will remain so for longer as woodfree papers are less prone to yellowing than mechanical papers, often denoted as LWC (light-weight coated).

For this project, we were also able to opt for 100% recycled paper, which resulted in this book production having not only a stunning final finish but an eco-positive impact too.

treepedia woodfree paper book with real cloth cover

Project Overview

As the Treepedia title is one book within an existing series, Imago and Princeton University Press wanted to ensure that production methods and specifications matched the other titles.

When putting these books side by side each has its own unique identity, however, it is clear that they form part of the ‘Pedia’ collection and readers are able to understand that they are closely related both in terms of their content and production.

Unique Finishing

There are many unique touches that make Treepedia its own within the collection away from just being a recycled woodfree paper book.

The stunning, intricate leaf design to the front of the book is foil-blocked in two separate matt finish foils that really catch the eye. The lighter foil represents the petiole and veins of the leaf and the darker foil to the lamina.

Real Cloth Cover

The real cloth cover connotes the look and feel of a vintage gardener’s compendium you would expect to find in a greenhouse.

However, the quality and finishing touches including the extra-bright paper and foil blocking design create a cool, retro look that’s still modern and will certainly stand out on the shelf.

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