Visionnaire – UV inks

This stunning title has UV ink added to the cotton so that they white embroidered bird turns an array of beautiful colours when exposed to sunlight. Added to that, the plastic slipcase also turns to pink and the contents of the book have had the same treatment. This is a highly specialised technique and a beautiful and prestigious product we are very proud to have produced.

UV reactive inks

UV Sensitive Inks

UV ink is quite remarkable – when indoors it is colourless but once outside and exposed to UV rays, bursts into colour.

We’ve had great success adding it to cotton as the example of this embroidered bird motif shows – indoors he is white and outside the colours come to life! Also we’ve used it in plastics and on good old fashioned paper.

This project is an excellent example of how Printing in China can open up a world of opportunities for the creative use of various materials. We went through many test and experiments to get this project to work and the end result is stunning!

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