Edging – gilt edging and beyond!

Gilt edged books give a timeless classic look to your book and never go out of fashion. However it doesn’t have to end there. Foils come in many colours – a metallic pink, a hot orange or what about a holographic pattern? Eye catching and usual the range of foils seems ever growing.

Printed edge books

Printing on the edge of the book is a technique not for the faint hearted but with the right equipment it can be achieved. Traditionally text or full colour images have been applied to book block edges using screen printing and the effect always delivers a wow! However recently we have been exploring using inkjet print to achieve amazing results at a much cheaper price. Using specially modified machines, the effects are stunning and it’s much easier on the pocket.

Deckled edges

Deckle edges were originally an unavoidable part of the book production process, however today with machine made papers the effect has to be applied during the production process. Deckled edges always add an aged feel to a book and we have seen them come back into popularity as the vintage trend increases in popularity. Also used on the Star Wars Jedi Path book to give the effect of an aged manual of the force passed down through history!

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