Bath Book Printing in China

Bath book printing is a specialist area and we have several factories in China, working to excellent standards and turning out some high quality and competitively priced bath books. We can help you with your bath book specification, pricing and the onward supply to your chosen destination.

How to print bath books

Bath books are usually screen printed but we are also able to offer litho printing, so it is possible to print half tone images if your design calls for it.  We manufacture using transparent or white EVA sheeting, typically with foam padding sandwiched in between. The EVA is then heat sealed around the edges to make sure the foam is inaccessible, but perfectly buoyant and floaty!

Creative Bath Books

Our customers are eternally creative and as such we have been lucky enough to work on some great projects. Bath books with built in squirters are firm favourites as well as little hidden squeakers. But we have also produced some with tabs, some with fishing nets and removable fish! We have also seen a great idea for a bath book which is weighted at the bottom and formed in a round and floats just below with surface with only the tops peeking out – we’ve not produced anything like this yet but the cogs are turning so watch this space or get in touch if the idea interests you. We are seeing Loch Ness monster potential…

Bath Book Safety

As bath books straddle the area between book and toy and are usually intended for the very young, the safety requirements are strict. We are well versed in the latest international safety requirements and can advise you on what you need to do to make sure you are selling a safe product and your paperwork is all in place, as well being able to arrange and carry out any testing that you will need.

Get in touch with us to discuss your next bath book project!