The new tariffs, due to take effect on September 1st will effectively tax all Chinese imports to the USA. This means that it is very important to ensure shipments are coded with the correct HTS codes as it will impact tariffs that will be applied for USA customs entry. In the past people may have used the generic printed matter or printed books code under chapter 49 and sometimes also not clearly differentiating between printed matter and, for example, a board game or card decks, which actually should be under chapter 95 in the toy category. None of this mattered as much in the past, but it does now.

Children’s picture books won’t have a tariff until December, but other books are tariffed from September 1st. Another example, would be a tarot card deck with a book. The tarot deck is a card game which falls under chapter 95 which doesn’t get a tariff until December, but the book component is chapter 49 so is tariffed from September 1st and so these should be broken out. We think it is quite possible that it could get more complicated than this in the future with different parts of chapter 49 getting different tariff rates or exclusions etc. So it is very important to have the correct HTS code to use so the ISF filing can be done correctly.