We love producing card and tarot sets and have a lot of expertise. They appear quite simple but actually there is quite a bit of skill to get the specification and materials right.

There are many things to take into account when producing card sets. From the thickness of the cards, making sure they accurately fit into the box, to what kind of finishes work best for the cards and whether they should be die-cut or punched.  As for the box, it is important to make sure you have an accurate template and the box wrapper is wrapped over the grey board in the correct way.  Box constructions can be very different and it’s important to get the right type of construction based on your final design.  We have produced many different types of boxed sets, so we pride ourselves in being knowledgeable in this area.

Tarot Cards printed in chinaPrinting postcard set

Some specifics to really think about to ensure successful production:

  • Check the nesting of the card backs – printing the reverse of the cards on different sides of the sheet produces a higher risk of colour inconsistency
  • Do you have printed borders around your cards – if so, could there be a risk of the border not being centred after trimming ?
  • Do cards have rounded corners, do those corners need to be a specific radius?
  • Do your cards have gilt edging, if so, selecting the best varnish/finishing is a ‘must’?
  • Do your cards have coloured edges, if so, it’s important to pick the right colour for your box liner to ensure any colour transfer is not obvious.
  • Do you require shrink-wrap or a bellyband to hold the cards in place?
  • Check text or pictures are positioned correctly on each panel of the box when the product is made up.
  • Do you require thumbholes on your box – make sure they are placed clear of all text and images.
  • We would always suggest you obtain and approve a working prototype.

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