Imago’s Ethical Policies

We understand how important it is to you that Imago and our production partners uphold the highest ethical standards.

We make sure that the factories producing your projects operate responsibly and ethically, use materials and processes that are safe and sustainable, and that the final product exceeds quality expectations and meets relevant safety requirements.

Book Chain Project

We are an active participant of Book Chain Project (BCP), a collaboration of publishers who formed originally in 2003 to create a framework to help drive improvement through the supply chain and enable informed and ethical sourcing of materials.

Originally structured as separate projects known as PRELIMS (of which we were a founding member), PREPS and PIPS, the three strands now come under the single umbrella organisation Book Chain Project. BCP’s work covers three areas: Labour & Environment, Forest Sourcing and Chemicals & Materials.

To find out more about the work we are doing as part of BCP go to

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Socially Responsible Manufacturing

We foster long term partnerships with our suppliers and require them to work positively and transparently to continuously improve conditions in the workplace.

As a member of the Labour & Environment element of BCP, we are committed to ensuring that our suppliers meet the criteria set out in BCP’s Code of Conduct for labour and environmental standards.

We require our suppliers to undertake regular and widely recognised ethical audits such as the ICTI Ethical Toy Program, SMETA (4 pillar), BSCI, or SA8000.  In addition, many of our suppliers are approved to produce for specific brands and retailers, such as Disney.

Please let us know when you have specific accreditation requirements in order that we find the right supplier for your project from the outset.

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Sustainable Production in the Supply Chain

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with government goals is a key point of focus for Imago. As a business with a global supply chain, we recognise the need for positive and urgent action within our industry.

In conjunction with BCP we are embarking on a project to assess our suppliers’ environmental performance, from the papers, finishes and packaging used to the recycling of waste and use of renewable energy. Our aim is to increase awareness and drive change to ensure prompt actions are taken to reduce our industry’s contribution to climate crisis.

Our Ethical Commitments

We are proud to offer you printed and timber-based products with the assurance of FSC® Complete Chain of Custody and use of our FSC® logo, or your own if preferred. Imago became FSC® certified in 2008 and the majority of our suppliers are also certified.

We are committed to be able to offer you materials with the lowest possible environmental impact including FSC® certified papers, PREPS Grade 3 papers and boards, vegetable-based inks, and water-based varnishes.  A very high percentage of our papers are graded PREPS Grade 3 or above, which means they have been risk-assessed and use fibres from known, legal and responsible sources.

Applying due diligence checks to ensuring our products meet the requirements of the Lacey Act, EU and UK Timber Regulations

Imago actively researches environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic packaging, lamination and shrink-wrap

We actively encourage our suppliers to invest in new technology such as HUV printing and thermal plate setting, technologies that have been developed to have a lower carbon footprint.

Imago is able to offer access to suppliers who have achieved ISO standard ISO 14001 (Environmental Management).

Achieving the standard demonstrates our suppliers’ commitment to understanding and reducing their environmental impact and to improving their performance in the areas of forest sourcing and environmental protection.

Climate Partner

We’re delighted to be able to offer all of our customers the ability to calculate the carbon emissions of their paper-based products through our partnership with Climate Partner.

This means that any unavoidable emissions during the production process can be offset through recognised carbon offset projects and products can carry the Climate Partner label.

Download our Climate Partner certificate

Visit the Climate Partner website

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Improving Our Own Workplace

We try and do our bit to create a greener, healthier workplace and finding ways to reduce our own scope 1 & 2 emissions through various UK based initiatives including:

  • Use of renewable energy

  • Reducing the use of single-use plastics in the office and switching to paper packing tape which is 100% recyclable

  • Installing motion sensor lighting in communal areas

  • Switching to ‘Who Gives a Crap’ loo rolls

  • Installing refillable soap dispensers and detergent bottles and using environmentally friendly brands

  • Participating in local recycling schemes and projects in conjunction with local schools and Terracycle. We give crisp packets and writing instruments to our local school, they send them to Terracycle. The school receives some cash and the waste gets made into pellets which get made into new products such as outdoor furniture and decking, watering cans and surfacing for playgrounds.

  • Avoiding use of chemical control for weeds

  • Creating a wildflower garden to encourage insect diversity

  • Getting involved with local wildlife projects

  • Participating in Fruitful Office scheme, 1 tree is planted for every basket of fruit delivered

  • Carbon offsetting air travel emissions

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Product Safety and Compliance

We want to give you the security that the products we produce for you are safe for their intended audience and comply with the regulations of your market.

We work very closely with you, our safety consultant and our suppliers to help assess and mitigate risk in this very complex area.

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Our process starts at enquiry stage with some important questions:

  • What age group is the product intended for?

  • What is the foreseeable use?

  • What geographical markets will the product be sold in?

  • What materials will be used in manufacture?

  • What legislation must the product comply with and what testing is recommended?

  • What markings or warnings are needed on the product?

Helping us navigate this complex area is Diane Greaves, our safety expert, who we have worked with for over 10 years.  Diane works closely with our sales and production teams to help assess the physical and chemical risks and identify the legal requirements for your products according to the territory and target age you are selling to.

Diane has been involved with children’s product safety since 1988, working for many years as General Manager for one of the leading laboratories and subsequently as an independent consultant advising several leading brands and retailers.   Diane sits on several British and EU Standards Committees including CW15 – Safety of Toys.

Diane also runs Toy Safety Training and Consultancy specifically for publishers, if you are interested to know more please contact

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