Understand how colour works in print

Understanding Colour for Print

Get a technical understanding of the way colour works – essential for anyone involved in the design or production of 4 colour printed books.

This course is designed to help you improve your skills so that you are able to take the right decisions when preparing colour for print, colour correcting or press checking.  The day combines theory with lots of visual examples and interaction.

A short session round the light box is also included, where you will see how to identify colour issues.  You will also see the effect of different finishes and surfaces on colour,  learn how to read a colour bar and understand how it can help you identify problems.

Course Summary

Date: 15th May | Duration: 1 | Day Start: 09:30 –  End 17:15 | Venue: Imago, OX9 | Trainer: Michael Burman & Teresa Solomon | Price: £445

What will I learn?

  • Colour theory – Differences between the way we see and print colour. Different colour models and colour spaces. RGB, CMYK, Lab. Converting RGB > CMYK

  • Colour management Understand why we need this and what it does

  • Colour profiles – Understanding what these are and which profiles to use in the different stages of your workflow. sRGB, Adobe RGB, Fogra profiles, SWOP, etc

  • Preparing images for print Dots and pixels. Converting to CMYK UCR and GCR. Unsharp masking

  • Understanding resolution – Input and output resolution. Pixels, lpi, dpi. Resizing images and re-sampling

  • Colour proofing – Different types of proofing. Contract vs guide. Hard & soft proofing. Verification

  • Colour correcting  A short practical session, using a lightbox, to look at the correct lighting conditions for colour correcting. Learn to spot when colours are out of balance

  • Finishes & surfaces – looking at the waydifferent finishes & surfaces alter the colour. Gloss & matt lamination. Varnish coated vs uncoated papers, etc

  • Litho printing – Printing screens, halftone and FM screening

  • Printing variables Paper, inks, densities , grey balance, dot gain, tracking, slur, colour control bars and how to read them. The basics of press checks and trouble shooting unsatisfactory printed sheets

  • Digital Print vs Offset PrintA quick look at the differences and uses

What skills do I need for this course?

No prior knowledge needed. A fantastic combination of theory and practical for book production staff and designers

Teresa Solomon –  Colour Expert and Training Consultant

Teresa is highly experienced in colour and the technicalities of book production. She worked on the Production side in book publishing for many years before moving to Imago.

She has worked closely troubleshooting colour and print problems with printers, repro, production and designers for many years. For the last 15 years Teresa has worked for Imago developing training courses for the Imago Training School and is one of Imago’s colour experts.

Teresa is now closely involved developing new courses for Imago and is also a ‘go-to’ person for production issues and Consultancy.

Michael Burman

Michael Burman graduated with a BA Hons degree in chemistry from The University of Oxford and a Diploma in Printing Management from The London College of Printing. He is Managing Director of F.E. Burman Ltd, a London based company in business for nearly 50 years specialising in data management, pre-press, printing and mailing services for a wide range of blue chip clients.

Michael has a wealth of practical experience and extensive knowledge on colour. He has trained and lectured at The London Institute, PIRA and at industry wide seminars and conferences in Europe and USA.

Easy going and approachable – an excellent communicator and trainer.

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