Book Production Training Course

Short production, non-production and leadership & personal development courses for book publishers

Short Publishing Courses

A range of courses covering key aspects of publishing available on an in-house basis. These are designed to motivate, engage and develop people to perform to the best of their ability and provide the skills needed to contribute significantly within their organisations.

Available Courses:

Digital & Inkjet – An Intro to Digital Printing

Understand the differences between these print options and when best to use each proce

Sustainability and Print Buying

What questions should you be asking your printer?  What impacts do materials commonly used in the publishing industry have?

Commercial Decision Making for Production Staff

Are your staff as commercially aware as you would like?  Learning what to consider when choosing printers and evaluating prices.

 The Basics of Colour Printing/An Essential Introduction to Colour

How litho works, why we print CMYK not RGB, what RGB & CMYK are, spots, dots, resolution, etc

Understanding Colour Profiles

What they are, different types, what they do and when and where they are used.

Choosing the Right Paper for your Product 

The main paper types, uses & issues, plus the effect a different paper can have on the book itself and on the bottom line.

Incoterms, shipping documents & Brexit

Understand the main incoterms, what they mean and which ones to use when.

Book Production – Problem Solving Toolkit

A production led practical approach to resolving issues.

Understand the Financial Drivers & Economics of Print Runs

An overview of the variables that are considered when print runs are decided.

The Basics of Finance for Publishing

Managing and interpreting financial data for non-accountants

Design layout tips for book designers

Basic rules to creating good clear book layouts and a few pitfalls to avoid.


XML for publishing

Understanding XML, using XML to structure your content, XML in Word and in InDesign.

Giving Feedback

  • Barriers to giving feedback
  • Model for giving feedback
  • Case Studies
  • Action planning

Emotional Intelligence at Work

  • The importance of Emotional Intelligence at work
  • Model of Emotional Intelligence
  • Self Assessment and ideas for building skills

Managing Stress

  • Introduction to stress and how we respond to it
  • ABC model to help reduce stress
  • Audit of how well you manage your life to minimise stress

Managing Time

Tools and techniques to maximise how we prioritise our time, focus our attention and increase our productivity

Key Communication Skills

Introduction to responsive and assertive behaviours including the following areas:

  • Active listening
  • Asking open questions
  • Ladders of inference
  • Non judgemental language

A Guide to Managing the Performance of your Team

The importance of managing performance

What you need to do:

  • Setting objectives
  • Defining areas of development
  • Reviewing performance
  • Giving feedback

Overview of Situational Leadership

  • Introducing the situational leadership model
  • How to diagnose competence
  • How to diagnose motivation/confidence
  • The different leadership styles
  • Matching your style to the needs of individuals

Having Difficult Conversations

Tools to help manage difficult conversations:

  • Ladders of inference
  • Asking open questions
  • Active listening
  • Explaining your rationale and giving context
  • Case study

Managing Resilience

  • Definition of resilience
  • How to bounce back when things go wrong
  • How to improve your physical and emotional well being
  • Action planning/Case studies

Creating a Work Life Balance

  • Definition of what is a work life balance
  • Creating your wheel of life
  • Working out how to improve your work life balance
  • Case studies

Managing Effective Meetings

  • Plan Do Review approach to managing meetings
  • Planning the agenda
  • Case study

Facilitating Effective Meetings

  • Skills and behaviours of a good facilitator
  • What to do when things go wrong

Managing Nerves when Presenting

  • What happens when you get nervous
  • How to manage nerves using ABC model
  • Practice

Managing your Career

  • Importance of managing your career
  • Skills, behaviours and techniques to manage your career
  • Action planning

Managing Remotely

  • Difficulties of managing remotely
  • Tools and techniques
  • Case study

Managing Change

  • The emotional cycle of change
  • 8 conditions of effective change
  • Case study

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