Photoshop Fundamentals

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Photoshop Fundamentals

This course tackles the fundamental elements every book designer needs to know to gain a thorough foundation for using this complex software.

Learn how and when to use the various adjustments such as curves and levels, how to create effective cut-outs and masks and how to touch up images to remove imperfections.

Course Summary

Date: You decide – get in touch! | Duration: 1 | Day Start: 09:30 –  End 17:00 | Venue: London | Trainer: Mark Bracey | Price: £395

What will I learn?

  • Image mode, resolution & size RGB & CMYK, Pixel size vs. Print size, discussion of Image Size dialogue box for reducing and enlarging images. Upsampling and resolution in and out of the application.

  • Adjustments Cropping and tricks and tips for making basic selections. Using Auto Colour, Levels, Curves and Channels for colour altering colour and tonal values with or without Layer Adjustments. Black & White RGBs – conversion options to true monochrome. Creating duotones.

  • Layer Masks Understanding the principle and usefulness of creating layer masks.

  • Creating Cutouts Covering the various options for making selections for cutouts: Magic Wand, Paths created with the Pen tool, Quick Mask, Quick Selection Tool, Channels & Lasso options. Adding shadows to cutouts on white backgrounds, replacing backgrounds (such as the sky) in an image.

  • Image Manipulation Combining images and textures with colour, adding layer transparency & blending modes, adding graduated layer masks to create composite imagery. Correcting Perspective: The Free Transform Tool and the Lens Correction Filter. Re-touching using Rubber Stamp, Healing Brush/Spot Healing Brush and the Patch Tool.

  • Creating Text Adding Layer Effects to text. Creating distressed type and logos. Images inside text: How to keep the text editable. Pitfalls when creating text for print.

  • Colour settingsunderstanding the appropriate colour settings to use for print.

What skills do I need to do this course?

Suitable for book designers who are currently using InDesign at a basic level with no previous Photoshop training

Mark Bracey – Experienced Book Publishing Designer

Mark has worked in book publishing as a designer and trainer for nearly twenty five years. After studying graphic design he worked for various design studios before taking on a training role at Dorling Kindersley.

While at DK he advised on best practices for book creation and ran a team of in-house DTP staff. Following DK’s merger with Penguin, Mark worked as a key member of the management team responsible for the group’s migration to InDesign.

Mark is currently working as a freelance book designer and typesetter and provides self-publishing services to individual authors and institutions through his own imprint

A great teacher, with bags of current and relevant experience – you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Michael O'Mara February 20, 2019 at 1:38 pm - Reply

    It was useful and informative. Very nice, approachable and knowledgable trainer. I have a lot more knowledge of simple Photoshop techniques but also more of an idea of how things are done, so I know how and what to ask for from the designers.

  2. Michael O'Mara February 20, 2019 at 1:38 pm - Reply

    Very good introduction to photoshop. Very nice Trainer. Questions welcomed and always answered/demonstrated clearly.

  3. Michael O'Mara February 20, 2019 at 1:39 pm - Reply

    It was very thorough and helpful. Our trainer was very clear, and happy to offer one-to-one help/explanation when needed. Practising using cut outs and curving lines was useful – this is something I’ve tried to do in the past without much success, so having it clearly explained and talked through was very useful. I’ll be able to do simple Photoshop jobs, which will help me when creating presentations and feeding back to designers/illustrators

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