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Photoshop Fundamentals

This course tackles the fundamental elements every book designer needs to know to gain a thorough foundation for using this complex software.

Learn how and when to use the various adjustments such as curves and levels, how to create effective cut-outs and masks and how to touch up images to remove imperfections.

Course Summary

Date: You decide – get in touch! | Duration: 1 | Day Start: 09:30 –  End 17:00 | Venue: London | Trainer: Mark Bracey | Price: £395

What will I learn?

  • Image mode, resolution & size RGB & CMYK, Pixel size vs. Print size, discussion of Image Size dialogue box for reducing and enlarging images. Upsampling and resolution in and out of the application.

  • Adjustments Cropping and tricks and tips for making basic selections. Using Auto Colour, Levels, Curves and Channels for colour altering colour and tonal values with or without Layer Adjustments. Black & White RGBs – conversion options to true monochrome. Creating duotones.

  • Layer Masks Understanding the principle and usefulness of creating layer masks.

  • Creating Cutouts Covering the various options for making selections for cutouts: Magic Wand, Paths created with the Pen tool, Quick Mask, Quick Selection Tool, Channels & Lasso options. Adding shadows to cutouts on white backgrounds, replacing backgrounds (such as the sky) in an image.

  • Image Manipulation Combining images and textures with colour, adding layer transparency & blending modes, adding graduated layer masks to create composite imagery. Correcting Perspective: The Free Transform Tool and the Lens Correction Filter. Re-touching using Rubber Stamp, Healing Brush/Spot Healing Brush and the Patch Tool.

  • Creating Text Adding Layer Effects to text. Creating distressed type and logos. Images inside text: How to keep the text editable. Pitfalls when creating text for print.

  • Colour settingsunderstanding the appropriate colour settings to use for print.

What skills do I need to do this course?

Suitable for book designers who are currently using InDesign at a basic level with no previous Photoshop training

Mark Bracey – Experienced Book Publishing Designer

Mark has worked in book publishing as a designer and trainer for nearly twenty five years. After studying graphic design he worked for various design studios before taking on a training role at Dorling Kindersley.

While at DK he advised on best practices for book creation and ran a team of in-house DTP staff. Following DK’s merger with Penguin, Mark worked as a key member of the management team responsible for the group’s migration to InDesign.

Mark is currently working as a freelance book designer and typesetter and provides self-publishing services to individual authors and institutions through his own imprint

A great teacher, with bags of current and relevant experience – you will not be disappointed.

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