Learn preflight checks for perfect printable PDF's

Learn how to Preflight your PDF’s before Printing

Know what checks to carry out to ensure your PDF’s are print ready & problem free

This course will show you  learn how to use Acrobat’s production tools and profiles to identify typical errors relating to image resolution, spot colours, text settings, embedded fonts, page size and geometry. You will gain the skills required to spot the potential problems and trouble shoot between departments before output.

Course Summary

Date: You decide – get in touch! | Duration: 1 | Day Start: 09:30 –  End 17:15 | Venue: London | Trainer: Mark Bracey | Price: £395

What will I learn?

  • Images

    • resolution too high or too low
    • line or tone
    • wrong colour mode
  • Fonts

    • does the PDF hold all the font information that the printer requires?
    • embedded and subset
    • types of fonts used
    • are any fonts corrupting?
  • Colours and plates

    • do your PDFs have the correct number of plates?
    • four colour only
    • unwanted spot colours
    • jackets outputting with all the correct colours and varnishes
    • understanding the various settings to be used when creating PDFs for 1, 2, 4 & 5 colour printing from Quark vs In Design.
  • Two colour printing

    • checking that only the correct two colours are in the PDFs
    • understanding why 2 colour jobs can separate into 4 colours & learn how to spot and how to prevent this
  • Plates

    • die-lines, cutter guides, varnishes, masks, etc
    • layers in PDFs – pro’s and con’s
    • or separate PDFs
  • Text Settings

    • text creating unwanted 4 colour changes
    • checking for knockout and overprint
    • understanding trapping in composite and separated PDFs
    • what trapping in PDFs means
  • Page Size and Geometry

    • what this is and why printers’ systems need this
    • where it comes from and how to view it in Acrobat
    • checking page size
    • single not spreads
    • geometry boxes
    • trim bleed and media
  • PDF creation

    • identifying application, producer and PDF version
    • the types of problems it can help you with.
  • Profile checks

    • running standard Acrobat profile checks
    • what these are really checking for
    • understanding what these can show you
    • editing these profiles to run the checks you need
    • understanding what information matters to your printer and what does not

What skills do I need for this course?

Although no previous knowledge of Acrobat or InDesign is required, you do need to understand the issues relating to print production, creating PDFs and the preparation of files for co-edition printing.

Mark Bracey – Experienced Book Publishing Designer

Mark has worked in book publishing as a designer and trainer for nearly twenty five years. After studying graphic design he worked for various design studios before taking on a training role at Dorling Kindersley.

While at DK he advised on best practices for book creation and ran a team of in-house DTP staff. Following DK’s merger with Penguin, Mark worked as a key member of the management team responsible for the group’s migration to InDesign.

Mark is currently working as a freelance book designer and typesetter and provides self-publishing services to individual authors and institutions through his own imprint.

A great teacher, with bags of current and relevant experience – you will not be disappointed.

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