Negotiation Course for Print

Negotiation Training for Book Publishers

Learn how to confidently negotiate

This course has been designed to provide an easy framework within which to negotiate for those working in the print and publishing industries. Good negotiation takes skill. Learn how to achieve a clear advantage in the majority of situations where you negotiate.

  • Achieve a more profitable outcome from negotiations
  • Approach negotiation situations confidently, and carry them out within a clear structure
  • Ensure that they have clear goals and that these are obtained and ratified from within your company if necessary
  • Take the lead in discussions and spot all negotiation opportunities
  • Bargain in a flexible manner which makes it more difficult for the other party to move you from your desired outcome.

Course Summary

Date: You decide – get in touch! | Duration: 1 Day | Start: 09:30 –  End 17:00 | Venue: In-House | Trainer: Matthew Parker | Price: Group Rates Apply

What will I learn?

  • What is negotiation?
    Creating a definition of negotiation
    Understanding scenarios where negotiation is not appropriate
    Reasons for negotiation breakdown

  • The structure of negotiation
    Creating a negotiation framework
    Using adjournments
    The power of the team

  • The six separate phases of negotiation
    A detailed overview of the phases of negotiation
    Taking control of discussions
    Maintaining initiative

  • Goal setting
    Setting markers
    Making a proposal
    Creating flexibility
    Valuing the trading elements
    The value of your company

  • Trading
    Setting markers
    Using language
    Negotiation styles
    Trading strategies

What skills do I need for this course?

No previous experience needed. Suitable for buyers, people in sales or customer services staff working in book publishing or print.

Matthew Parker – Print Procurement Expert with over 20 years experience

Matthew headed up print purchasing at Future Publishing, one of the UK’s leading consumer magazine publishers and now provides consultancy and training services to then industry.

At Future, he achieved significant reductions on multi-million pound spend every year. Matthew has also worked as a print specialist at many different companies of all sizes and in various market sectors.

Matthew’s experience has included agency and marketing environments and also small publishing companies, giving him exposure and understanding in a variety of company cultures.

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