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InDesign for Editors

Learn how to edit directly in the InDesign layout

This unique InDesign course is geared to the needs of book production staff, and others responsible for handling and checking files prior to sending out for repro or print.  Although special attention is given to co-edition publishing, the course also covers familiar problem areas including use of colours, managing fonts and transparent elements. A basic working knowledge of the tools and features of InDesign is assumed. A particular strength of this course is its focus on the increasingly close involvement of production staff in the flow of files and the greater depth of knowledge that is required.

This course will help you build a good understanding of the way files are constructed in InDesign and what things can go awry. By the end of the course delegates will be able identify and correct errors, avoiding costly mistakes further down the line.

Course Summary

Date: Feb 6th| Duration: 1 | Day Start: 09:30 –  End 17:15 | Venue: London | Trainer: Mark Bracey | Price: £395

What will I learn?

  • Part One: Introduction to the application

    Finding your way around InDesign:

    • The Toolbar and the Control Strip.
    • How to manage, arrange and customise the panels.
    • Navigating InDesign documents using the various moving and magnification options, tools and shortcuts.
    • Viewing and hiding guides, Normal and Preview modes.
  • Part Two: Basic document settings and tools

    Document specifications:

    • Understanding ‘facing pages’ and section starts, setting margins, columns and bleed. The use of the Slug.
    • Text and the the Type Tool – Creating and editing text and text boxes, using placeholder text, linking text, options for selecting text. Using the Story Editor to view and edit overmatter.
    • Understanding Images – Importing images, manipulating the container vs. the content.
    • Fill, Stroke and Colour – Understanding Fill and Stroke and their relevance to text and text boxes. Applying colour through the Colour and Swatches panels, creating line rules and setting strokes.
  • Part Three: Workflow and editorial

    • Style Sheets – Creating and using Paragraph and Character styles, importing text from Word, using Find/Change to retain formatting such as Italicisation etc and to remove unwanted formatting. Understanding simple Nested Styles.
    • Editorial – Dealing with widows and orphans: using Tracking to ‘bring-back’ or ‘take-over’ text, standard vs. discretionary hyphens, soft returns, non-breaking spaces, Hyphenation and Justification settings. The effect of the Paragraph Composer. Understanding Kerning.
    • Layers – Using layers to create co-editionable books.
    • Master pages – Adding running heads and folios to Master Pages, automatic page numbering, using alternative masters for different page treatments, editing master page items, using a text variable for running heads.
    • Linking – Understanding image links, re-linking missing images.
    • Font usage – Missing fonts and using Find Font.
    • Text Wraps – Adding text wraps to boxes, text and images. When captions need to ignore wraps
  • Part Four: Output

    • Exporting to PDF – Basic settings for e-mail/approval

Whats skills do I need to do this course?

This unique InDesign course is geared to the needs of editors, production staff, and others responsible for handling and checking files prior to sending out for repro or print.  A basic working knowledge of the tools and features of InDesign is assumed.

Mark Bracey – Book Publishing Designer

Mark has worked in book publishing as a designer and trainer for nearly twenty five years. After studying graphic design he worked for various design studios before taking on a training role at Dorling Kindersley.

While at DK he advised on best practices for book creation and ran a team of in-house DTP staff. Following DK’s merger with Penguin, Mark worked as a key member of the management team responsible for the group’s migration to InDesign.

Mark is currently working as a freelance book designer and typesetter and provides self-publishing services to individual authors and institutions through his own imprint

A great teacher, with bags of current and relevant experience – you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Yale University Press February 19, 2019 at 5:47 pm - Reply

    Excellent, the course met my expectations. I am more confident with the construction of documents when they come in from designers. I also feel that I can respond with some authority if documents aren’t set up correctly before they go to repro

  2. Arcturus Publishing February 19, 2019 at 5:48 pm - Reply

    Good overview of the basics of InDesign. Trainer was very professional and open to answer all our questions.

  3. Arcturus Publishing February 20, 2019 at 7:50 am - Reply

    Very good – it taught me a lot. Very helpful at explaining the different aspects and how they fit into the usual publishing process.

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