Book Production Training Course

Essentials Book Production Training

Learn about the key stages involved in the book production process

This course covers each part of the book production workflow including, the basics of printing, the theory of colour, binding styles as well as different cover and jacket finishes, paper, packing and shipping.  Illustrated with visuals and physical samples throughout making the theory come to life!

Course Summary

Date:  23rd April| Duration: 1 Day |  Start: 09:30 –  End 17:00 | Venue: Imago, OX9  | Trainers: Eunice Paterson & Teresa Solomon | Price: £445

What will I learn?

  • The basics of the 4 colour printing process

  • Get to grips with book production terminology

  • Learn how to write a comprehensive and clear print specification

  • We explain the dynamics of co-edition publishing and how it impacts on the schedule and the production processes

  • Print prices  are explained and we discuss what influences them

  • Binding process, covers & jackets

  • Learn about paper, the different types and how to choose wisely for your product

  • Shipping, packing instructions, documentation, incoterms, lead times

  • Pricing, cost components, how to make savings and what influences pricing

What skills do I need to do this course?

This is an entry level course, so no previous experience is required.

Suitable for anyone new to the publishing industry; junior production staff, editors, designers, marketing, sales, administrative, HR, PR.

Eunice Paterson – 30 years print production experience

Eunice has worked in print production for 30 years for companies as diverse as Dorling Kindersley and Sage Publications.

Eunice has extensive production experience having worked on children’s magazines, pop-up books, children’s books with books plus elements, illustrated coffee table books, fiction, academic books and journals. Such a wide range of products has given Eunice experience of hand assembly, web and sheet fed litho, digital and ink jet production.

Over her career, Eunice has worked extensively with printers in the Far East, Middle East, Europe, USA and Canada.

Teresa Solomon –  Colour Expert and Training Consultant

Teresa is highly experienced in colour and the technicalities of book production. She worked on the Production side in book publishing for many years before moving to Imago.

She has worked closely troubleshooting colour and print problems with printers, repro, production and designers for many years. For the last 15 years Teresa has worked for Imago developing training courses for the Imago Training School and is one of Imago’s colour experts.

Teresa is now closely involved in developing new courses for Imago and is also a ‘go-to’ person for production issues and Consultancy.


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