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This workshop uses practical exercises throughout to help you gain the core skills and judgement required to identify and correct mistakes, perform changes consistently and produce finished texts to a high standard.

We start with a traditional workflow and move on to see how the proofreader’s role and working practices has evolved to keep step with today’s electronic workflows.  We examine the basic principles and processes of proofreading on both paper and screen, looking at the problems associated with different types of texts and the sort of errors proofreaders can expect to encounter.

You will learn proofreading terminology and have the opportunity to practise using British Standard Institute proofreading symbols.  The course also includes refresher training on punctuation and looks at typical grammatical errors and common misspellings that can creep through.

Who’s this course for?

Suitable for both beginners or those without formal editorial experience who need to brush up their proofreading skills.

What new skills will I learn?

  • Improve your proofreading skills and techniques
  • Learn how to use BSI proofreading symbols
  • Learn how to proofread in an electronic workflow
  • Improve your confidence and judgement to produce finished texts of a high standard

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Good clear writing is essential in any walk of life.  Whether your work involves communicating internally or with other businesses, this course will show you how to create effective, well structured documents.

The day includes many simple and useful tips that you can start using immediately.  You will be able to develop your techniques through a range of practical exercises and activities throughout the day.

We start with a look at the basic characteristics of good business writing across a range of document styles. You will learn the importance of planning before you start to write and see how a well structured text can help convey your message with clarity and impact.

We move on to cover writing style, examining the most effective ways of using sentences and paragraphs to make your writing concise, clear and active.

The course also includes refresher training on typical problems that all writers encounter – common misspellings, grammatical errors and punctuation difficulties.

Who’s this course for?
Anyone who writes business emails, reports and other documents as part of their job who would like to improve their skills

What new skills will I learn?
  • Improve the effectiveness and impact of your writing
  • Learn to alter your style to suit your audience
  • Create documents which are clear, easy to read and positive
  • Save time by learning how to plan and prepare properly before you start writing

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This course will give you a clear understanding of the principles of copy-editing and the role of the copy-editor.   The focus is on building the skills required by publishers today, whether working on paper or screen. The workshop format encourages you to practise what you have learnt and develop the techniques and strategies to tackle editorial tasks with confidence.

We start with an introduction to editorial style and look at the importance of ensuring consistency throughout the text.  Next we cover the correct use of BSI international symbols.  We also explore every copy-editor’s dilemma of how and when to intervene without exceeding the remit.   Also included in the day is some useful refresher training on the use of punctuation, look at some typical grammar and spelling errors.

Who’s this course for?
Suitable for Editorial Assistants, Production Editors, Desk Editors who are beginning their careers or may have had no formal training in this area.

What new skills will I learn?

  • Learn the core skills of copy-editing
  • Improve your understanding of the role of the copy-editor in today’s publishing environment
  • Learn how to use BSI symbols and ensure consistency within your texts.

Graham Smith -Experienced Editor, Proofreader, Writer & Trainer

Graham Smith spent over twenty-five years in the industry before going freelance.

He now offers consultancy, carrying out editing, project management and writing assignments for a variety of clients, including consumer publishers, academic and educational publishers, government agencies and general business organisations.

An experienced and accredited trainer to the European Commission and European Parliament no less!

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