Solutions to keep your print orders on schedule

It seems that the next two weeks will be critical – particularly whether the virus spreads further with people travelling back from their home towns from all over China (including HK)

We are talking to all our printers and the consensus is that they are still planning on reopening next Monday (10/2) but only subject to the approval of the local authority. What this means is that factories must have sufficient preventative measures in place. On top of this, the factories are unsure of how workers will actually make it back this weekend as public transport to SZ is proving to be very difficult. And of course Hubei Province is completely shut down which would have a big impact on the work force.

Our own office is no exception, requiring the approval of the local authorities to resume work on 10 February.

To add yet more pressure, the major borders from HK to China were suspended a couple of days ago which makes it really difficult for HK staff to travel to SZ. The remaining borders (Shenzhen Bay Border, Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Border) are far away and inconvenient to commute through using public transport, plus the health declarations at the borders are very severe and take a lot of time.

Don’t get caught short

Imago has many alternatives to printing in China with printers in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Korea with capacity. We also have a printer network across the continent in the UK, Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Croatia, Turkey, Bosnia and the Ukraine.

Please get in touch with our UK Production and Sales Office to find out how we can manage you print schedule and keep your business on track.