This gorgeous Xmas calendar was expertly printed in China. It’s a lovely example of 4 colour print onto C1S artcard with glitter varnish on the base of the calendar stand, on the calendar numbers and also the tips of the tree.

The calendar has a practical velcro seam to ensure the calendar stays closed and a decorative hand attached ribbon which is glued to the side of each leaf of the product. The base is designed to interlock and ensure the tree stands up, yet doesn’t tear during assembly and is robust but also allows the entire product to fold flat – clever!

A special die line was used for the windows and the advent doors have been positioned so as not to overlap on each side of the leaf allowing for a 2 layer design – an economical approach. Had this been designed with a  back to back window construction, a 3rd later would be needed which would create an additional cost.

This is a simple but intelligent design but the item requires quite a lot of handwork and finishing and this is why China is generally a good option for advent production. The calendar is flat packed as a 2D Xmas tree, making it easy and cost effective to warehouse, distribute and merchandise. We love it!

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