Wire-O Scratch Art Books Produced for arsEdition

Imago are leaders in producing unique, bespoke activity books for both adults and children alike, and this series of wire-o scratch art books is no exception. We work closely with publishers arsEdition to produce scratch art books for the German market and also produce co-editions in other languages, including Spanish and French.

These particular wire-o scratch-art books include many different effects including holographic foils that are revealed when the specially formulated scratch ink is removed and even a spirograph set, sourced by Imago, for users to create beautiful geometric patterns. These pages with scratch ink have been produced to include guidance on the corresponding page for the children to complete the artwork with a finished example, however, it also encourages for them to create their own patterns with the scratch tool if they choose to do so.

Printing & Sourcing Elements for the Scratch Art Books

Scratch Art Print & Production Management

Imago were tasked with both print management and product sourcing for these wire-o scratch art books. These included the sourcing of the spirograph sets and FSC grade wooden scratch tools, both of which needed to go through rigorous testing to pass safety regulations in all markets that the products are distributed and sold.

Being able to offer a complete solution for producing these wire-o scratch art books with editions across different language markets enabled us to offer both a convenient single point of contact for the customer, plus the ability to negotiate a better cost per unit price.

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Project Overview

Perfect Production

Imago have been directly involved with producing many other scratch art books that fall into the books plus category. Many of these projects not only involve print management but also include product sourcing and safety testing to ensure the product is produced to the highest quality whilst remaining compliant with safety and other regulatory standards across different territories.

Safety Standards

Due diligence is at the root of our production process, all products are risk assessed by our experienced staff and safety expert so that any physical or chemical hazards are considered and appropriately checked, or laboratory tested. Scratch-art books have play value and are considered toys and must carry the CE mark in Europe to demonstrate their compliance with EN71, PAHs according to the German AfPS standard and REACH.

Freight and Delivery

Not only do we ensure products are compliant and beautifully printed, but Imago also ensures that the fine details of packing, freight and delivery of products are managed throughout the process.  In the case of these stunning wire-o scratch art books, we stacked and packed them in a way to ensure that the wire-o binding did not mark the other books to keep them in pristine condition for delivery and sale.

Project Specifications

Mein Märchen-Kritzkratz Buch

  • Format: Front Cover: 205mm(h) 155mm(w), Back Cover: 190mm(h) 155mm(w), Contents: 180mm(h) x 150mm(w)

  • Paper Types: C1S 350gsm, 128gsm glossy art, 128gsm matt art & 3mm greyboard

  • Scratch Tool: Wooden 100% FSC & Safety Compliant

  • Printing & Finishing: Scratch art ink over four colour printing and holographic foil

  • FSC – Scratch Tool is 100% FSC + all paper used is FSC Mix

  • Format: Front cover: Back cover: 205mm (h) x 155mm (w), 190mm (h) x 155mm (w), Contents: 150mm (h) x 180mm (w)

  • Paper Types: C1S 350gsm, 128gsm glossy art, 128gsm matt art & 3mm greyboard

  • Printing & Finishing: Scratch ink over 4 colour printing + gloss lamination

  • Die-Cutting: Front cover with central die-cut to ensure spirographic set is visible & safely stowed within a box inside + thumb-cut

  • FSC – All paper used is FSC Mix

At Imago, we understand that the vision you have for your project is of paramount importance. The final product needs to match or surpass your expectations, and this can be both made, or indeed broken during the production process.

This is what sets Imago apart. We’re passionate about producing quality work with exceptional customer service throughout. We ensure that both the simple to the most complex and bespoke of projects are completed to the highest order.

Imago would be delighted to work with you on your next print project. Get in touch with the team to discuss your ideas, no matter how out of the box they might seem!

Take a look at some of our latest projects for inspiration, and to see the consistent levels of quality that we at Imago strive for.

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