Producing Jigsaw Puzzles for Otter House

Imago works closely and collaboratively with our customers to bring their products to market both efficiently and to the highest quality. We have extensive experience and expertise in producing toys, games, and jigsaw puzzles for customers in the global marketplace, and our product knowledge alongside access to global print and production suppliers is why our customers choose to consistently produce with us.

We have worked closely with giftware & stationery wholesalers Otter House for many years, producing their extensive jigsaw puzzle collections for sale directly to retailers and charity organisations across the world.

Sustainable Jigsaw Puzzle Production

Otter House jigsaw puzzles are required to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and we at Imago understand the importance of ethical and sustainable production throughout the supply chain. Both organisations are aligned in our efforts to continuously monitor and improve our ethical and environmental impact, whilst looking for ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Our stringent ethical policies ensure that our customers can have complete peace of mind that their product is handled both ethically and sustainably, from manufacturing to freight and delivery.

Ethical Policies

FSC® Certification

Imago are proud to be an FSC certified organisation, which further solidifies our commitment to ensuring that our customers have access to the most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials available for their products.

Both Imago and Otter House are aligned in the goal to create products ethically and sustainably. Our FSC certification ensures that we can source, produce and print jigsaw puzzles and other products for Otter House using materials that are regulated by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Otter House jigsaw puzzles display the Imago ‘FSC Mix’ label, as the paper is from responsible sources. Each element of the puzzles is FSC certified, including the box, the outer sticker, the jigsaw pieces, and even the paper packaging that holds them.

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Project Overview

The primary goal of creating these Otter House jigsaw puzzles was to ensure each and every element were created sustainably, without compromising on quality. As jigsaw puzzles need to meet heavy-touch demands, it was important to ensure that all sustainable materials used were also able to stand up to these pressures, plus meet the demands of repeat use, longevity, and increased UV exposure.

Sustainable Jigsaw Puzzle Materials

The Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

Imago produce various iterations and designs of these products including versions with 1000 pieces, 500 pieces, and 500 XL pieces. The jigsaw puzzles are created by printing on FSC certified paper and board. The materials were sourced and safety tested by Imago to ensure that the overall, finished Otter House jigsaw puzzles were beautifully printed, robust, and fully sustainable in their production.

The Box and Packaging Materials

The environmentally friendly materials used were not limited to just the jigsaw puzzle pieces either. We worked closely with Otter House to meet their criteria for reduced and sustainable packaging, including a smaller box making the entire order more sustainable to produce and transport, plus a paper bag to hold the jigsaw puzzle pieces rather than a traditional polybag. Further to this, instead of plastic shrink-wrap on the outer box, it was sealed with two FSC certified, circular paper stickers complete with printing.


Manufactured in Europe with one of our preferred print suppliers, these Otter House jigsaw puzzles typically take seven weeks to produce and deliver from the point that signed-off, print-ready artwork was provided to us.

Imago has extensive knowledge and expertise in creating jigsaw puzzles and other similar items ready for market, including meeting and exceeding the criteria of sustainability, ethical, and safety standards for our customers. We’re delighted to produce these sustainable products in collaboration with Otter House and continue to create, source, and deliver with them on an ongoing basis.

Project Specifications

  • Format: Jigsaw Puzzles | 1000, 500 and 500 XL Piece

  • Format: Box | Two-piece lid and bottom box, 260mm x 190mm x 56mm

  • Jigsaw Paper Types: FSC certified paper and board

  • Box Paper Types:  FSC certified paper and board

  • Paper Bag/Envelope: FSC paper and sticker seal

  • Finishing: Jigsaw Puzzles | Trimmed and die-cut to size

At Imago, we understand that the vision you have for your project is of paramount importance. The final product needs to match or surpass your expectations, and this can be both made, or indeed broken during the production process.

This is what sets Imago apart. We’re passionate about producing quality work with exceptional customer service throughout. We ensure that both the simple to the most complex and bespoke of projects are completed to the highest order.

Imago would be delighted to work with you on your next print project. Get in touch with the team to discuss your ideas, no matter how out of the box they might seem!

Take a look at some of our latest projects for inspiration, and to see the consistent levels of quality that we at Imago strive for.

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