Cork Backed Printed Coasters

These high quality cork fibre-backed printed coasters were made in China.The front of the coaster features normal gloss art paper and the coaster is finished in a matt PP coating. This style of coaster has limitless print options. The coaster edges have been varnished using matt sealer to ensure protection from moisture.  These cute coasters are 100mm x 100mm in size and approx 4mm thick.

Coaster Types & Printing Options

When choosing the finish on your coaster it is important to have a flat finish – so raised varnish or embossing would not be advised! Coasters are also sometimes finished in a high gloss epoxy resin.

Simple Coasters

In their simplest forms, coasters are made from beer matt material – they are uncoated and unfinished and are designed to absorb moisture. Equally when the coaster dries out, it should retain its shape and not disintegrate. These type of coasters generally have simple 4 colour designs or logo’s and can be printed on both sized.

Coaster Order Quantities

Quantities start at 1500 pieces but prices become more economical with increasing quantities. The total quantity of coasters being produced is important – splitting the run across designs does not effect pricing. So you could cost effectively have smaller quantities with multiple designs.

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