Zombies, Run!

This board game combines the classic board game concept with the digital world – downloading the accompanying app will allow you to hear zombies approaching as you work as a team to escape them, listen to survivors and make snap decisions about saving or leaving them. This fast-paced co-op card game tests your nerves and co-ordination. 


Board game manufacturing in China

Imago are ideally positioned to manufacture board games in the Far East through our large network of suppliers.  We can handle the print, off the shelf component sourcing and assembly which often involves working with several suppliers and co-ordinating to produce the final product.
For customised games with bespoke play pieces we are able to create new moulds and advise you on materials and set up costs.

Minimum Order Quantities

Our usual minimum order quantity for games with off the shelf components is 1000 sets. For retail we tend to find that pricing starts to work at 1000 sets, although if customisation is required it may be necessary to look at producing higher quantities as the set up costs are inevitably higher.   For games intended for training or corporate use, where price is not so sensitive, we can produce lower quantities.


Individual pre production printed prototypes can be very costly. We can supply white dummies which will show you the materials and overall effect of the product at a much lower cost.

CE marking and Safety

We are on hand to help with this!  Having the appropriate warnings and technical file to support your CE mark is an important aspect to the process of bringing your game to market. We work with trusted suppliers and can offer a full safety testing and certification service where needed. We know how much the safety testing can add to the cost on children’s products and we will do our best to keep this to a minimum whilst ensuring your product meets all the requirements.

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