Sometimes and When

///Sometimes and When

Sometimes and When

Sometimes & When

These original titles by Emma Dodd are just 2 in a series of children’s books which use foil across the content of the book to incredible effect. Picking out detail across the whole page of having who areas of foil create a very beautiful and really unusual effect.

Using foils inside a book

We have all seen foil blocking on book covers; from simple title text to intricate and stunning design statements.¬†However, when used throughout a book’s contents, the¬†results can be really magical and help bring the story to life.


We will always offer the best advice we can on what is and isn’t possible, and how to get the best out of your designs and artwork when adding foil. And if we think something is running to the limits of what is achievable, we will run preliminary tests to see if we can tweak our processes to get it just right!

foiling book contents

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