Doreen Virtue Card Decks

///Doreen Virtue Card Decks

Doreen Virtue Card Decks

Doreen Virtue Card Decks

We have been printing these cards sets for many years now and are very proud to print many of the Doreen Virtue cards.

Tarot card printing

Cards can be printed on a variety of weights of card but a typical weight tends to be around 350gsm. We can add all sorts of finishes as budget allows but rounded corners and gilt edging are popular choices for these sets.

Doreen Virtue Tarot Card Supplier Producer

Printing in China

Printing in China and South East Asia will enable you to bring your product to market in the most economical way. However, buying direct can be a daunting prospect – how can you be sure of the factory you are using? What if something goes wrong?

Imago has over 35 years experience working with suppliers throughout China and South East Asia.  We have our own production offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Malaysia. These teams comprising 50 people, are your eyes and ears in the factory. We negotiate the best price, monitoring the quality and ensuring everything goes smoothly. Our Asian operation is also fully supported by our UK office.

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