Big Sticker Book of Bugs

This book is jam-packed with reusable stickers. Packed full of bugs that creep, crawl, wriggle and fly, perfect for budding entomologists everywhere!  Here we’ve used a transparent plastic (PET) material for the stickers which makes the stickers more durable than paper equivalent.

Printing sticker books in china

Sticker Book Production

Traditionally printing sticker books in China has been the most cost effective solution, but recently we’ve seen some very competitive pricing from Europe. It’s certainly worth asking us to get you comparison prices.

Sticker books seem to have perennial appeal – the simple joy of a book full of stickers is hard to beat.  Most often we produce these as basic wire stitched bound paperback books, although we’re seeing some more upmarket projects and ideas these as the humble sticker book grows in popularity.

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