Big Sticker Book of Bugs

This book is jam-packed with more stickers than a centipede can shake its legs at. Packed full of bugs that creep, crawl, wriggle and fly and have all sorts of fun sticking them throughout the book.

Printing sticker books in china

Sticker Book Production

We have always been producing stickers books and printing in China is really the most cost effective solution, but recently they seem to have really increased again in popularity.┬áThe simple joy of a very basic wire stitched sticker book where the sticker pages are simply bound in doesn’t really need much adding to it! Stickers are somehow always brilliant fun.

As ever, though our inventive customers don’t stop there and we are now seeing sticker sheets being bound regularly into notebooks and other activity packs. We have a couple of really good sticker suppliers so the only limitation really is your imagination!

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