Manufacturing Bespoke Jigsaw Puzzle

We have manufactured many jigsaw puzzles over our 40-year history, predominantly printing and manufacturing in China but more recently also exploring our ever growing supplier base across Europe.

Jigsaws are printed on a paper specially selected by us and then adhered to a jigsaw backing board of your choice.  Jigsaws can be made in various sizes, pieces and finishes and in a multitude of designs. We can use standard jigsaw shapes or your own custom shapes for the pieces.  The shape and size of the jigsaw pieces is determined by the cutting die used to punch the jigsaw.

We can manufacture a huge variety of different standard sizes ranging from 4 up to 4000 jigsaw pieces.

Interested in our help with your next jigsaw – what we need from you?

  • The size of the jigsaw and number of pieces required – we can offer standard sizes with a standard number of jigsaw pieces if required.
  • Do you want the jigsaw pieces to be regular or your own bespoke design
  • The specification of the jigsaw board and the finish required – special custom effects can be created.  Do you want the base of the board to be printed, use virgin grey board or coloured board?

Here we used a combination of varnishes to create a high quality premium looking raised finish and the bottom layer is printed a 1 colour blue to create an overall high end result.

Box thumbcuts

The Production Process

Although it is not essential, as part of our normal process we would always produce a sample prior to final production to ensure the pieces all fit together perfectly! This is especially useful if you are producing a jigsaw with irregular pieces as the fit becomes even more important. Our China office are very experienced in managing this process with our factories in China and will make sure that this and every other part of the process runs smoothly.

The majority of our jigsaw puzzles are packed into polybags so having a box for your jigsaw is not mandatory, but it is a gorgeous finish for it that also attracts a higher retail price. Be warned though, if you don’t add finger holes to those boxes, they can be really difficult to open! It’s always a good idea to add these to your jigsaw specification.

Cut-out finger holes are also really practical in jigsaw puzzle books, especially jigsaws for younger children as it makes the pieces easier to lift out.

jigsaw book production
floor puzzle

Although, finger holes are not always used in jigsaw puzzle books. For example, in this jigsaw book that ultimately produces a large floor puzzle, the pieces are simply pushed out from the back of the page and placed on the floor.

Safety requirements

Jigsaws for children must comply with the EU Toy Safety Regulations and we have much experience in this area too.

Lead times

These can vary dependent on the complexity of the jigsaw puzzle you want to produce but as a ball-park 3-4 months is typical including development and sampling.

We have heaps of experience in jigsaw puzzle production – please get in touch to discuss your next project!