Record Book Sales in 2019

What a great end to 2019 – the best year for print since 2010, with 191.6 million books sold.

Self-publishing continues to be a growth sector but what other areas are likely to be ‘hot’.

The landscape for print is looking rosey – market data tells us people still like a book in their hand. In this very digitised era, parents want their children to experience and enjoy non digital products and have  ‘down time’ with a book.

A greener supply chain and a reduction in single use plastics are becoming increasingly important.  Making your books stand out from the crowd, whilst working ethically, sustainably and competitively are key.

What challenges have you got ahead of you this year? Our production specialists are here to help you.

Book Production Specialists

Over our 40 year history we have produced literally hundreds of book formats and some incredible and very special products. If you are looking for inspiration why not come and visit us? We will be happy to show you some amazingly creative stuff!  We have aeons of experience in all things printed – from concept to delivery and everything in-between.

Bring the idea and we will do the rest.