Working with publishers – Create, Print, Source, Deliver

Since forming in 1980, Imago has worked with over 950 worldwide publishing companies. Our vast experience and global network of suppliers ensures we have the knowledge and capacity to be your perfect partner.

Product Development

If your ideas are in the early stages and you need advice on how to bring your project to life, we can help you choose the right materials including paper weights, boards and even fancy finishes.

We keep a diverse range of printed samples in our offices as well as catalogues full of papers, binding cloths, foils, glitters, head and tail bands, ribbons, fabrics for plush toys and much more. We encourage our clients to come and have a look through our shelves and find inspiration.  If your project is really complex, we have a team of imaginative and inventive people who can figure out exactly how turn your dreams into reality by adding bells and even whistles if you want them!


Global printing and production management

Working with printers and other suppliers across the globe as well as our own production office in China, our vast experience and expertise allows us to match your job to the right printer at the right price.

Printing in China offers many benefits – not only on price but also access to a huge range of materials and production options. Our Shenzhen office works closely with our printers, closely manages the printer and can visit the site if needed. Our own in house colour and printing experts also means your job is in safe hands.

Printing in Europe offers faster turn around times and more flexibility on minimum order quantities, also having the advantage of reducing warehousing costs. If you are shipping to the US, European printing is also not currently subject to additional tariffs.


Safety & Consultancy

Although most books do not require any safety testing, books with add-ons, for example a children’s book with a plush toy, or a stand alone product with play value, you can soon find you are facing significant safety testing costs. The standards are frequently changing and updating making it hard to know what is really required and what it is not, especially if you are selling in multiple countries.

At Imago, we can offer advice on testing requirements, the standards you will need to meet and where you can self-certify. We also offer testing facilities and work closely with safety labs. We hold key data on our core suppliers and work very closely with our own safety consultant, who sits on many of the European Testing Committees and is up to date on the latest legal requirements. For complex projects, we also offer a free risk assessment of your product to ensure due diligence.

Freight Management

Shipping from China may seem like a daunting task. We manage the delivery from the factory to your final destination warehouse, using our chain of freight forwarders, without you having to lift a finger.

Most product manufactured in China comes to the UK by sea. There are airfreight options, although these are costly and best reserved for a few advance copies.  Deliveries from Europe tend to be by truck and take significantly less time. We can handle all the customs clearance processes on entry into your delivery country, and onwards to your chosen warehouse.

Products from Imago

Printed Coasters

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Cork Backed Printed Coasters These high quality cork fibre-backed printed coasters were made in China.The front of the coaster features normal gloss art paper and the coaster is finished in a matt PP coating. This [...]

Interactive Educational Calendar

November 11th, 2019|0 Comments

This interactive word-a-day calendar is filled with activities for toddlers to encourage learning and development. Made with a sturdy easel stand and chunky wire-o the calendar includes stickers to mark important dates, introduces early French and has pages [...]

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