The German Team at Imago

Martina Scheible

Sales Director (Europe)

My favourite item Imago have produced:
Fantastic Beasts: The Magizoologist’s Discovery (Suit)Case

I used to work for a German children’s book publisher, before coming to live in the UK and starting to work for Imago in 1997. As European Sales Director, I look after the German market and various other continental European markets. I still miss German bread on a regular basis, but then that is one perk of business travel. To this day, I love to read actual books, and get my creative kicks out of singing and song-writing.

Ann Koch

Sales & Production Manager

My favourite item Imago have produced:
Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe

After having worked for two well-known German art book publishers, and for one of the big publishers in Oxford, I joined Imago in 2011. I really enjoy working with existing and potential new clients, as well as taking on further responsibilities, such as looking after the company’s FSC accreditation. Having the countryside at our doorstep I frequently go for long wonderful walks.

Isabelle Mugai

Senior Sales & Production Controller

My favourite item Imago have produced:
Rumpelstilzchen & Aschenputtel, as beautifully detailed laser-cut books.

I studied Book & Media Production at the University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig because the world of books has always fascinated me. My other great passion are vintage partner dances like Lindy Hop & Blues. On weekends you will usually find me on a dance floor somewhere around the world.


Non-Human Resources

My favourite item Imago have produced:
Dicke Katze by Olivia Vieweg

Because I love to get attention, I’m not above meowing loudly outside the door until someone comes out to pet me. I am also great at picking the most expensive cars in the parking lot and lying on their sun-warmed roofs, so everyone can pause and cuddle me when they walk past.