Imago is an international print, packaging & product sourcing services company with offices around the globe

We manage the print, production and manufacture of a diverse range of products for many leading publishers and brand owners, using our well established network of international suppliers.

Imago takes the stress out of print and manufacture

We have over 40 years experience in book production and whilst we remain specialists in this field, we also offer packaging production, board game manufacture and product sourcing. Have a look at our gallery pages to see a selection of products that we have made for our clients.

pop up production

We have production offices based in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Malaysia which gives us a unique position in the industry dealing directly with the suppliers on your behalf. We currently have manufacturing partners in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, India and Europe.

We understand our supplier’s specialties and capabilities meaning that we will always place your job with the supplier who is best matched to your job.

We are not a broker! Our teams work for you, not the printer

We understand both the quality and ethical requirements of your job. We have our own QC (quality control) team who are available to fully inspect jobs and can also offer third party inspections. But most importantly of all, it is our guys on the ground dealing with the suppliers every day, who make a real difference communicating your needs to our suppliers.

A safe pair of hands

We are able to offer advice and help with safety testing and the latest safety regulations for your products. Our industry expert offers consultancy and training to our staff and to a number of our clients. Our sales and production staff are up to speed on the latest safety requirements and will offer help and advice along the way to make sure your final product is a safe one.

Constant source of new ideas

On top of all this we also like to stay a little ahead of the game and are constantly coming up with new ideas. If you want some inspiration on how to make your book a little bit different, or you have a prestigious deluxe edition that needs to meet the highest quality requirements, or you want a good idea for how to package your product, why not take a look at our gallery?

Our USA offices are based in New York and Orange County, California. Our head office is based in Thame, Oxfordshire and we also have sales offices in Paris, Brazil and Australia. Find out more about our office locations and how to get in touch.