Musical Christmas Tree Board Book

This festive board book is Christmas tree shaped and plays Jingle Bells at the push of a button. A flexible cloth spine allows you to open out the spreads fully and velcro dots enable you to fasten the front and back cover together to form your own 3d Christmas tree.

Stand up book

Board Book & Sound Module production

The board book format is very versatile, coming in all shapes and sizes and with varying levels of complexity.  Punched to shape or die cut, with tabs, flaps and slides, or even including sound or light modules for the ultimate interactive experience!   Sound modules of popular sounds and songs are often available ‘off the shelf’ or can be custom made, if required.

We have access to competitive board book manufacturing in China and Europe and can offer various board types, from coated art cards to grey board, according to your budget.   If the board book is complex, involves extra components or hand assembly, we focus on manufacturing in China.  For less complex constructions we can offer manufacture in Europe, especially when the schedule is tight.  And as most board books are intended for very young children, we can help you make sure all appropriate safety considerations are considered.

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