Sound Book Module

This is an example of a cleverly designed sound book with each right hand page offering a seasonal sound when the ‘play sound’ button is pressed.  The sound module has been designed to fit into a sealed platform at the back of the book, thick enough to house the battery and speaker compartment. Each sound element is positioned in a different location on the sound membrane so when one button is pressed, no other sound is played. There is also a clever design feature which allows the sound to be stopped by pressing the sound button a second time.

Sound Book Battery

Also important to think about is the location of the battery compartment as it needs to be removable to allow re-insertion of new batteries. Sound holes in the back of the case need to be large enough to allow the sound to be audible.

Verification Sound Module

When making a book like this we work with you to design the book. A verification sound module is produced to make sure the sound buttons are positioned correctly, with no interference, before we go into production. Sound books cannot be sent be air cargo, this includes samples, due to restrictions regarding batteries so it is important to make sure your lead time allows for sea freight.

Sound Book Safety Testing

Sound books for children need to go through audio safety testing to ensure acoustic levels meet the required regulations in the country of sale. We can help advise on this.