Jedi Path – Vault Edition

A manual for students of the force

The standard edition of this ‘manual’ is presented here in an impressive ‘ vault’ which opens with the push of a button to sounds and light and the book rising from a mechanical platform within the vault. Included in the pacakge is a letter tracing the book’s history, a severed Padawan braid, a metal Jedi Credit medallion, a Jedi starfighter patch, a burned poster of the Jedi Code, a map of the Jedi Temple, a lightsaber diagram sketched on the back of a napkin from Dex’s Diner, and a note on the missing pages torn from the book by a Sith – all sourced by Imago!

Books with Sound and Light

Getting electronics into books has always been something we’ve excelled in but this limited edition Star Wars project takes it to a whole new level.

When becker&mayer! first came to us with their initial concepts for the Jedi Path Vault edition, it took all our skill to develop their vision into a final working product. Our China office worked very closely with the factory they felt best suited to the project, and with the client, to produce this breathtaking product.

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