How Imago can help you during the COVID 19 pandemic

We find ourselves in unprecedented times and we, at Imago, hope that you, your families and loved ones are all well. As a business, we are open but we do understand that some of our clients are facing uncertainties. If we can support you in any way, we would be more than happy to do so, but for now, here are some ideas that might help!

With over 30 partners in China, we can find the right printer for your needs. But more than that, we know which printers are hungry, which printers have paper stocks you could benefit from, and which printers have the capacity to deliver in good time this year. Here are our key findings from China:

  • Chinese printers are concerned about their current low capacity and are offering crazy prices right now!  We’re finding prices can be up to 30% cheaper.
  • But don’t wait too long. Capacity is shrinking by the day and by August 2020 we suspect that these bargains might be over.
  • Send us your specs and remember, if you can give us a target price, however optimistic, we have something to convince our printers to aim for. We know their loadings, so we can target them – they need their presses to run so you never know, they might be able to print cheaper than you thought!
  • And don’t forget that we print around the world too and many of those partners are equally keen for work. Pricing from Turkey right now, in certain formats, is close to matching some of our Chinese printers. And with delivery times to Europe being considerably shorter, this might be an option to consider too? Paper stocks are good and we have staff there to ensure that the whole process runs as smoothly as you would expect with Imago.

But maybe you are understandably nervous about schedules? With key staff perhaps furloughed, or your end clients unwilling to commit just yet, time is ticking on printing in the Far East for delivery this year. Don’t panic! Our advice to you would be not to postpone 2020 orders because of printing schedules:

  • Work out what China price works for you and let us know. We know you need the books, we just need your commitment to place the work and we can absorb the price difference if a China schedule becomes unworkable!
  • We can offer you the insurance that if the schedule gets too tight, we will move the order to Europe at the same cost as you booked it in with us for China.
  • Remember, no Chinese printer can offer this solution but Imago can, and we are prepared to take the risk. Which all means that you don’t have to shop around looking for a last-minute local printer!

We also know that some of you have had to furlough production staff and we fully understand the short-term problems that this might create. With nearly 40 staff in local, Western offices, perhaps we can offer you temporary support whilst you get back to full strength?  Do call us on +44 1844 337 000 and we can discuss all available options.

We are here to help, listen, advise and produce. And not just books! Since the various lockdowns started around the world, did you know that Imago is now one of the world’s largest Jigsaw manufacturers, with suppliers in the Far East and in Europe? If you need something made, and you think we can help, we’re ready for your enquiries!